Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the ninth day of Halloween

On the ninth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
A life sized witch (she is going to be great in the foyer at the new house);
vintage owl ornaments for the glass ornament tree...
a little closer peek;
some lab glassware for my spooky laboratory;
and a very tiny, very fragile bird skull for the cabinet of horrors. (I bet some of you *are* horrified by it, aren't you?)

2 days to go and the costume is now in the works. I need Jack to come home from preschool so I can fit it on him again. And I need to figure out if I can use an iron on interfacing with craft felt that is made from recycled materials. Who knew craft felt was getting so green (and complicated)?


  1. Yes, yes I am (a little creeped out about the bird skull). Interesting question about interfacing on felt. I have never thought about it. I know some glues don’t work well and I’m not sure about using an iron. I’m not sure why, but I just have this image of it melting. I have found that Beacon’s Felt Glue works well, but if you don’t press the felt together gently it becomes hard. I know that probably won’t help, but that’s about all I can add :) I can’t wait to see Jack’s costume. I stayed up LATE working on ours. I think you are probably beating me!

  2. I'm envious of your glass labware and owl ornaments. Too fun!

    Happy "almost" Halloween.

  3. I personally like the skull,does that make me weird?
    I also like the lab glassware,love the shape. The witch is pretty awesome too.

  4. Very jealous of those owl ornaments. Where do you get them????

  5. i wish we had some skulls and some cool lab glassware - that would be so fun - i would want a little display with old science books, too... osteology was one of my favorite classes as an undergrad - i had my own box of old bones (all femurs) to tote around!
    looking forward to seeing the costume. i guess i should start on the ghost costume for jt. he claims he is simply wearing a sheet.


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