Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the second day of Halloween

On the second day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:

Ridiculousness, that's what. LOL

Let's start again...

Dear Universe,

Okay! I surrender! I get it! For whatever reason this year I am meant to be the quilt queen. I am not meant to find anything else, no matter how hard I try*. This year there will be no ornaments, no wallpaper, no tissue paper decorations, no pottery, no tablecloths, no vintage fabric, no nifty vintage rugs, no anything! Nothing but quilts. Okay! I have no idea what you have planned for me with all these quilts, nor do I have any clue on earth why you keep throwing them all at me for $5, but I'll take it. I will relish this time. I know it won't last. I will lovingly gather them up and just wait to see what the plan is.

I trust that you know better than I do.

Sincerely yours,
Sarah, the quilt queen

Shall we look at the lovelies?
I found this one this morning. I was making the thrift rounds because Halloween is coming! and I have found very little Halloween stuff this year. I've been wanting an orange quilt. Well, more of a cheddar color really, and this is a soft butternut squash color, but isn't she a beauty?
Look at how gorgeous her quilting is.
On Sunday morning I set out for the flea in the FREEZING cold (it was 32 degrees and I had to scrape frost off the car) determined to find some ornaments to cover what breakage there will surely be this year. I could not for the life of me find an ornament to buy. Nope. Not a one. I found quilts instead.

This one is really strange. Bowties in the middle and dresden plates on the edges? And it is HEAVY.
When I was looking them over I discovered this...she has quilted a quilt over a quilt. Do you see the original in there? You might have to enlarge it to get a better idea.

Since the outside is really in rough shape I am pondering taking the second quilt off to see what is under there. Sparing what pieces I can for some other project, of course.
I love the edge on this one, a true scrappy quilt. You might notice part of her yellow border is white. Must have run out of fabric...
Hey! How did that cutie get in there?
Oy, that big tear is a killer.
But look at some of those sweet fabrics!
This one is in lovely condition and the backing fabric is that sweet pink print you see on the left edge. I love a printed fabric on the back! You don't see that very often in old quilts.
This is the kind of quilt that kills me a little bit. Someone has cut out TWO of the blocks and ruined the whole darn thing. What kills me is that the remaining squares are in perfectly fine condition, so she ruined a quilt that was NOT A CUTTER.

*I swore I would buy nothing but ornaments that morning. Ha.
**Quilts have not been at all laundered and are shown in as found condition.
***Close up photos will be on Flickr, assuming Flickr is working today.

I WILL be back with Halloween if it kills me. :-)


  1. You are the quilt queen aren't you? I love that first one, beautiful!

  2. WOW You have been finding a lot! I got 2 a week or so ago. The lady said they are at least 65 years old,her mom made one and her MIL made the other. I got them for $3 a piece...I thought of you when I got them.

    Hate how they cut those squares out!!

  3. I think the first one qualifies as a Halloween quilt. With a couple of black pillows, no? You've got the quilt karma this year. And I am SO feeling your pain on that last quilt. Criminal charges would not be too strong a penalty.

  4. sigh.... and i find all kinds of christmas ornaments...

  5. Oh my goodness, lucky you! Those are amazing!

  6. wow, great quilts. I would have grabbed them all too!


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