Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the sixth day of Halloween

On the sixth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:

Photos taken on a new camera! And I didn't cry once for my old camera! It's a miracle. LOL
A new BIG blow mold witch for the dirty front porch;
Some Happy Halloween light covers for a strand of mini lights (must remember to get some lights while Target still has them);
A new BIG ghost blow mold for the dirty front porch (I bought all the blow molds in Goodwill one day, they must have thought I was nuts);
My insane husband's idea of a mock up for Jack's Halloween costume, lol;
Those new windows I mentioned yesterday in the master bedroom (oh what a difference those windows will make!);
Drywall! in the master bath (my house no longer looks like an insulation showroom, it looks like a house again!);
My grandparent's tree is showing it's pretty fall colors (I am starting to get very, very excited about moving);
And a vintage scarecrow blow mold.

Plus 11 good ornaments at the flea market this morning (another small miracle).

5 days to Halloween and I still don't have the costume ready.


  1. happy to see the house is coming along. congrats on the 11 ornaments at the flea....that makes 13,989 to go!

  2. Ornaments! Yay! You're really going for 14,000? (I was going to warn you about Laurie's blog but I see I'm too late.)

  3. Hooray for the good house news! What a relief! And your pictures look great - must be a good new camera!

  4. You were counting the days til Jacks birthday party and what you had to do...everything was good and it will be for the costume too.

  5. I have started yet either! But love the mock up!

  6. I haven't started on Adler's costume yet either :( I did almost buy him a candy corn costume at Target though! You may want to check there if time gets away from you! They were cute too, I know Jack's will be cuter of course.

  7. It will be so so nice to have your house done.

  8. very much enjoying your halloween countdown! also happy to hear you found some ornaments & that the house is progressing - I'm so excited you're excited about moving :)


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