Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I loved this free Halloween graphic that I found via ** One Pretty Thing so much that I decided to make it a little more permanent than a treat sack.

It still needs a little something, but frankly I am swamped right now.

one spare art canvas + one can of spray paint + decorative scissors + modge podge = easy Halloween art.

Also on the menu today:
Jack's birthday is less than a week away. We are doing a mini golf course in the yard this year. I still need to -
*make flags
*paint and number buckets (it is really too darn cold and rainy to get anything painted, but I am out of time)
*finish the number five shirt he has been asking for
*work on golf course obstacles
*get a PRESENT!!!!!
*pick up bathroom tiles
*clean up this pigsty
*sort out what kind of cake we are going to be eating
*try not to lose my mind

Ha! Wish me luck.

**If you don't already visit that blog every day, you really should. I find lots of great stuff to make there.


  1. I love anything with owls. This is wonderful. I hadn't seen that graphics blog before. You can bet that I added that to my google reader. Our indoor Halloween tree features owls wearing party hats this year (I just posted pics on the blog).

    Best wishes with Jack's birthday celebrations. I can't wait to see pics from his party.

  2. Super cute! I love that site and look at it every day because it is sooo fab! Good luck with your to do list!

  3. Or you could - and call me crazy - just take the kids to a mini golf course? Just sayin' ....

  4. That turned out great. You had quite a hefty to do list for today!

  5. Good luck with all of that, Sarah. If anyone can do it, it's you.

    Oh, and if you can't get it all done? Life will go on. :) xo

  6. Sounds like you're swamped!

    That is realy cute though :)


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