Sunday, November 08, 2009

Am I being punked?

A few weeks ago there was a knock on the door in the afternoon. It's always a solicitor, so I was already irritated. For some reason I agreed to a subscription to the St Louis Post Dispatch. (I think it was the "Post can't sell enough papers so they aren't sure they are going to still do a daily next year" part that got me.)

Recently they changed their website and the garage sale ads are HORRIBLE. Impossible to navigate, make my head spin, awful. So I thought it would be useful to have the actual paper in hand again.

After the first two weeks they started calling me on the phone every day trying to upsell me...subscribe for longer, yada yada. After the first phone call I realized I had not yet seen a SINGLE newspaper. I was assured that would be remedied.

Another week passes, they are calling again. Again I realize I still haven't seen any papers. Again reassured that would be remedied.

This week I got a few random papers. Maybe one on Tuesday and one Friday and part of the Sunday.

I sit down this afternoon to browse the sale ads and this is what greets me:
Oh, I got a newspaper alright.

After someone removed the coupons they wanted first.


And really irritating to boot.

I need to go make sure that Ashton dude isn't hiding the bushes...


  1. Hi...........I love what you are doing with your house and think you must live in St. Louis county somewhere! Your home looks familiar to me:D Since your problem is with the Post Dispatch I am certain you are close by...ha..ha! I am from Webster Groves but now live in Eureka. It is rare to find someone blogging that lives close by....but kind of cool since there are somethings that are specific to our area. Thanks for sharing your pics:D Linda

  2. I hear you! After 2 calls to the NY Times yesterday, I still don't have my paper and may consider myself lucky to even read the Sunday paper this week...on Tuesday. Come on print media, we're trying to help, with us!

  3. Just choked on my coffee laughing at your picture ;-)


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