Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Going to the thrift is always like a big I Spy adventure. Particularly so today.

Want to play?

I found a little bag of ornaments hanging with the toys. What's that I think I see in there?
Cheap plastic bells, weird satiny ornaments, generic glass balls.

Oh wait! A little something is calling me...
Ohhhhhh, a super thin old fruit ornament.

Hmmmm, what else is hiding in that little bag?
A cool indent ornament...
and two more tiny ornaments. The smallest pine cone I have *ever* seen and a beautiful old orange one (that is likely an old feather tree ornament).

Let's wander over to the fabric section. What's that I see in that big bag with that nasty polyester fabric?
I think I see something interesting in the corner up there.
First up, a nice old tablecloth, but not my style. (And destined to be redonated.)

Getting closer. Is that what I think it is? In a fabric bag?
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it is! A tablecloth.
But wait, the checkered "fabric" that first caught my eye...it's a tablecloth too!

Yippeee! (There was also a white damask cloth in the bag. Clearly the sorter was insane that day. I've never seen them bag up tablecloths.)
And just for fun, I found a dozen Shiny Brites too.

Not too shabby for my little adventure while Jack is off playing with Oma, eh?


  1. You always find the best treasures.

  2. Kim said what I was thinking. Our thrift stores are no good! I swear they pick through everything!

  3. OK, so now you have only HOW MANY more ornaments to get? Glad you found some!

  4. How did I miss those ornaments!? I recognize that tablecloth because it's from our church garage sale. I bought two and left one (I'm a little crazy like that sometimes)...so glad it found a good home!

  5. I am dying for the thrfits to get the CHristmas stuff out. I will dig in a Charmin Toliet paper box heaped to the top in search one one teeny indented ornament or one spun cotton head angel. BRING IT ON!

  6. You had some amazing finds! I am thrifting tomorrow with my daughter and I'm hoping that your "thrifting aura" comes my way! Have a great weekend!


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