Sunday, November 22, 2009

T minus 23 days and counting

I need a pep talk.

We are 23 days from moving day.

I am packing, packing, packing and not feeling like I am making any progress!

And the new house is requiring more and more and more of our time and attention.

How am I ever going to pull this off?!?!?

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can...


  1. I know you can, I know you can....

    Does this mean you won't be able to decorate for Christmas? I cannot imagine you not decorating for Christmas!

  2. You totally can! Soon this phase will be over and you will look back and wonder at it all. I am *so* excited for you and yours! This wonderful new house is so deserved!

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    23 days is PLENTY of time to pack! You can totally do it.

  4. Good luck! I know you are very excited and it will get done, trust me. :)

  5. You can do it.... What choice do you have:) Just kidding, just think about it in another 24 days this will all be a distant memory and you will be having fun finding spots for all of your stuff. This is the worst part of moving and it sucks, but it will be over before you know it and all will be OK.

    Do not forget to breath

  6. You so can do this. Sending you lots of positive energy.

  7. Anonymous6:10 AM

    You CAN and WILL do it ! One day at a time. Remember to rest , too. It could get you down if you get too tired. When you feel totally overwhelmed...take a brisk walk down the street and back. You'll come back renewed and refreshed.

  8. 23 days? No problem! You can do this! Just pace yourself, and don't overdo it. Maybe the last day you're there, you might be just shoving things in boxes, and that's ok. That happens to everybody! And just think how special that first Christmas is going to be in your new home. So much to be thankful for!

  9. What a frustrating time of year to be moving on to a new wonderful time in your life. But there will be other christmases. You have to sacrifice I guess but I know it is hard. It is frustrating to be at a crossroad like this. Good luck with it all.


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