Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day everyone! Boxing day is moving in reverse over here this year. Instead of my usual tidy everything up and give away boxes and boxes of stuff we finally have the POD unloaded!


We are officially moved in. :-)
Of course that means my house which was all tidy and sparkly just two days ago is again full of messes.

But that's okay.

After nearly three months of packing, sorting, giving away, throwing away, and otherwise schlepping all of our stuff from place to place I can see the END!

My fingers are already itching to sew something, make something, do something other than move or remodel.


What are you up to?


  1. Happy Boxing Day to you!! I'm so glad the end is in sight. I can't imagine moving everything I own, it nearly killed me to move my sewing room from one part of the house to another.

  2. You definitely are making progress. Your house is just beautiful. I love the pictorials. Keep them coming. You have all kinds of good excuses to have messes. My house is filled with a zillion new toys and I'm ready to run and hide from the mess. Hugs!

  3. Winter is such a great time to move into a house -- besides the schlepping through the cold and snow, that is. You won't be tempted by a garden/yard/sunshine and you can exploit the urge to nest! I took a break from my three jobs and have been crafting up a storm and getting my materials somewhat organized. My big present was craft cabinets from IKEA. I still have to pick them out -- the thought of which wearies me! But it's a good puzzle as long as I work in small spurts. (I have a tendency to run myself ragged. Baby steps!)

  4. Happy Boxing Day to you! And now the fun begins! Enjoy putting your new house in order and creating "stuff" for it. Can't wait to see pictures!


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