Monday, December 28, 2009

Heart to heart swap

I really do feel like I missed out on Christmas this year. And since Target already has their Valentine stuff out, I am desperately dreaming of Valentine's Day already.


I know I am. :-)

So, let's start the sign ups for the fourth (wow, time flies!) annual Heart to Heart swap.

First let's revisit some of the awesome Valentines we got last year.
I know! Come on, how wonderful were these?
The cuteness is already killing you isn't it?
You know you really wanted one of these last year!
Or these?
Oh man, too good.

They were all too good.

The details:
I will accept up to 14 participants. Sign ups will close on Jan 4th, the Monday after the holidays. This isn't a secret club. You don't need to be a blogger, be friends with a blogger, live next door to a blogger, have picked the nose of a blogger (heh), have participated before, show your i.d., be willing to sell your children, etc. I only ask that you are willing to commit in order to join.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make 14 Valentines and have them in the mail by Feb 1. (Sooner if you are an international participant.) You can make whatever kind of Valentine makes you happy. Use fabric, paper, buttons, clothes pins, paint, felt, etc. I made spool dolls last year and you can see we had picture frames, cones and on and on. I generally will find packaging that can accomodate them as long as they aren't HUGE! :-)

Please enclose $2 to help cover the return postage.

I will mail you a lovely little handmade Valentine package containing one Valentine from each of the participants. When everything goes as planned that means you get 14Valentines.

PLEASE PLEASE remember that other participants are busy making a Valentine for you and there really is no room for flaking out in this swap. Only sign up if you are serious about the commitment.

To sign up email me at Include HEART TO HEART SWAP in the subject line for me please!

I cannot wait to see what everyone makes this year! (And I confess I bought something to make mine with months ago already. Why yes, I really do love this swap.)


  1. Hi there old friend!! Congrats on your new house, it is looking lovely, of course you make everything look beautiful.
    I can't believe I'm going to do this right now, but sign me up!! I can't resist a Valentine's swap and I haven't done one in long while.

  2. I'm in! No surprise there though, right?

  3. I would really like to join in! We bought a pink tree last year to put up for Valentine's day and I need something to decorate it with =0)

  4. I need this. Please count me in!

  5. Hopefully *this* newbie to the swap will be included! (I've emailed you as well)~ Happy New Year- a Valentine's Swap is a great way to gear up for fun in 2010!


  6. Oh gosh. Cute cute cute stuff.

  7. Sign me up! Please :) I would love to join your swap, it sounds so fun!

  8. Can't resist. Sign me up;)


  9. You cannot imagine how jealous I am that you and Sarah are getting together! Have fun! (and send me your address ... I found those mushroom decals and I am determined this time to send them to you!!!)


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