Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's my lucky day

My mother called two days ago.

"Hey Sarah, I have a box of ornaments here, do you want them?"
"Are they old?"
"Yea, and there are some cool pink..."
(Pink was all I needed to hear.)
"I can be there in an hour or so, I have to pick up Jack from preschool, swing by your house, go back to the old house to meet a scrapper, go to U-Haul, go to Target..."
I arrive expecting to find her holding a box with one dozen ornaments in it. Instead she is holding a big old cardboard box that used to hold motor oil.

I cannot stop the car fast enough! I get out and she says "the box is kind of skunky."

And then I start to dig around in it and jump up and down a little.


"Where did you get this?"
"I saw it in my friend Amanda's car. I asked her what it was and she let me look in it. So I told her you collected those and would love to have them."
There were about 70 vintage ornaments in it plus a tree topper.

So today I am putting up a Christmas tree.

It's not my usual "10,000 tiny twinkling lights plus 700 vintage ornaments" kind of tree, but you know what? Who freaking cares!?!? We are in our awesome new house and in just a few days Jack is going to wake up to the wonder of Santa Claus in the same room I used to wake up to the wonder of Santa Claus as a child. In our VERY OWN HOME!

I really hope that somewhere out there Grandpa knows what a wonderful gift he gave to us this year.
(I also put up the village tree amidst the rest of the chaos. Jack usually loves this thing. He usually spends the better part of every day rearranging the whole darn thing. This year he says he hates it. Le sigh.)


  1. Sarah!!!
    How exciting! Jack just has a lot of change going on, he will LOVE it all again soon :) I think your tree looks beautiful!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous and your little village is just darling. I have mine proudly displayed on the fireplace and when I got them out this year, I thought of you. I'm glad are settling into your home and digging out a few Christmas decorations.

  3. YAY! Just for a whole lot of reasons - yay! And what a housewarming gift!

  4. Aren't Moms great? ;)

    Have a wonderful Christmas in your new home!

  5. Ooh, I see some good ornies in that basket! What a delightful surprise--maybe it's just a tiny way the universe is rewarding you for putting up with so much the last few months. :)

  6. What a wonderful basket of goodies! My local thrift has one of those tiered display stands and she will not sell it to me no matter how many times I ask. She has tacky rings and necklaces on it. I have even offered to bring her an actual jewelry rack. But, no. *sigh. I neeeeed it.

  7. Very cool!
    And the fickleness of kids. This is just the beginning my friend.

    Everything looks wonderful. I'm glad you're in and feeling a little like it's home.

  8. Of course he knows. I live in my grandparents' house and I know they love it when I bake in that tiny kitchen!

  9. omg! im so jealous! why cant i find those?!

  10. OOOH what a great treat! I know what you mean about the usual Xmas decorating. It is so hard to do it while moving. I actually can't wait for xmas to be over so I can finsh moving in!

  11. i found about 16 for you as well...i have no idea how to ship them though!


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