Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The library police

A few months ago Jack and I went to the library and I picked up some decorating books. One of them I LOVED so much I have had a hard time returning it. I searched and searched and *finally* found myself a copy this week, so these books are back to the library before the library police come for me.

The following photos are from Flea Market Style . (Which is not the book I was desperately trying to find. I will show you some of that one when it arrives.)

Let's look at some things I have been pondering for the new house, shall we?
I am crazy about this wire plant stand thing. I imagine it is hard to find one though...
The chalkboard armoire is super cool.
Patchwork wallpaper. (I am going to try this in the HUGE master bedroom closet at the new house I think.)
I love my old mirror collection so much that it is NOT going in the pod nor is it going on a moving truck. Those mirrors are going in the van with Jack and I and the Christmas ornaments. LOL This heart one is AWESOME. I have been looking on Ebay for one since the day I checked out the book with no luck yet.
Sadly this gigantic mess is the state of my current house! LOL

It's December first today. We are moving in 14 days. The garage door is going up, the floors are almost done, the laundry room plumbing is roughed in, the siding is ordered and the kitchen cabinets will start being hung today.

PLUS! I have everything that is a non necessity upstairs packed as of 11 am this morning.

We are cruising right along.

And just in time, as there might be snow tomorrow!

Now I have to go face the basement. Wish me luck?


  1. Sounds like you're making great progress! Good luck in the basement. I don't go in mine either unless it's absolutely necessary.

  2. You're making great progress ~ just one foot in front of the other, one box at a time and it will all come together. I'm proud of you for persevering through all the glitches and keeping the goal in sight. Good going Sarah!

  3. whew! Good luck girlio!
    I'm glad it's not me but if I was closer I would help!

    I love that wire stand and really really love the walls papered like that.

  4. Good luck!

    And I love the wire shelf too! I'm sure you could find it way before me.


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