Thursday, January 07, 2010


I knew that today was going to be a snow day. It's all we have heard about on the television for several days now.
While Jack has been outside for a short period of time (it is BITTERLY cold, around 10 degrees I think?) trying out his newly thrifted snow shoes, I've been inside organizing my brains out still.
But yesterday I blew off the organizing for a bit to hit the thrifts.

One must never ignore the call of the thrift store when you hear it, it always means something is waiting there for you.

So what was waiting for me?

Feedsacks. Loads of feedsacks. 10 of them I think. Several of them have never been opened.

Pretty little roses.
Pretty yellow flowers.
Dainty blue flowers.
Bolder blue flowers.
Weird painted babies.
GORGEOUS roses the size of a salad plate.
A border print.
Dark green lilies (?) morning glories (?).
And a sweet cotton lawn that is not a feedsack, but still awesome.

Plus a whole stack of new Disney DVD's for Jack (great for a snow day) and some things I needed to help organize the bathroom.

I love you thrift store*.

(At least this week. LOL)

*Really I love that most people start doing a massive purge in January which means there is "stuff" at the thrifts again. They have been bleak for all of December.


  1. Hooray!!! What a great score :)

  2. Goodie for you!! We're getting hit with snow today too. I wonder if that's a sign that I should try and make a detour to our local thrift store on the way home from work. Hugs!

  3. We are having a "snow" day here too - no snow, but sleety streets and negative 12 degree wind chill. Brrrr. I hit the thrifts yesterday and hit the bonanza too! It must be in the air! TBBL. To Be Blogged Later.

  4. Dear God, I'm speechless. Except for the painted babies or whatever that print is. There are a few feedsacks that obviously were designed by cocaine fiends. I passed on one that had women's heads in clouds of smoke. It really freaked me out.

  5. Super find! I have a baby blanket made by a great aunt all sewn with feed sacks. It's my favorite treasure.

  6. How exactly can you tell a feedsack? I've always wondered.

    Congrats on the loot!

  7. Wow. I have never found a feed sack at the thrift store. Never! Not at the Kiwanis Sale, not at Salvation Army, not at Value World. Boo!

    As for organizing, would it please you to know you are have a trickle down effect all over the country? I am organizing the heck out of my cabinets, drawers, and closets. I have already made three trips to donate stuff. It is a heckuva lot of work, but I keep throwing open my cabinets and drawers just to bask in the beauty that is "a place for everything, everything in its place."

  8. Oh I am so jealous!

  9. I have also been purging at the thrift. The past two weekends. But couldnt not find a single thing to bring home.

  10. OMG! Those are some NICE ones too. I love the first and fourth. Speaking of which...i still have a lavendar one for you here. Good score! You are right though about the call. I'm getting one now. Hmmm...are they open at 11pm lol.

  11. Sweet little boy! And the feedsacks, too! (Big sigh) I never find anything this good at our thrift shops!


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