Friday, January 01, 2010

One word resolutions

Has everyone seen this yet?

I really like the idea. I generally do not bother with making resolutions. Who needs to add guilt into the mix of all that comes your way with everyday living?

If 2009 taught me *anything* is that you really never do know what is going to come your way in the course of a year.

Without intent the word that describes last year for me was "survive." I spent better than 80% in pure survival mode. Don't think about anything, just do what it takes to get through to the next day. To get us ALL through to the next day. And the shit? Well, it kept rolling down the hill for us, but we survived.

Here we are on the other side of shit hill and I am sincerely hoping that 2010 is going to be a return to normal for us. Time to be enjoy, time to be quiet, time to reflect, time to relax.

BUT, I can never know what is coming can I? We will certainly face challenges - still trying to have another baby, Jack will be starting kindergarten, owning our own home for the first time, etc.

I think my word for this year will be "release".

Of all the words on that list it is the one that calls to me whenever I sit down to ponder this project.

What will your word be?

Whatever you choose, Happy New Year to you. (And a bit of good riddance to bad rubbish for 2009!)


  1. I wish you all the best for a fantastic 2010. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home, your craft projects and your family's continued thrifting adventures.

    One word resolution for me: blessed. I need to continue to work harder at feeling blessed with what we have.

  2. Happy New Year, Sarah! I hope 2010 brings you joy, happiness and that little bundle you've been hoping for :)

    Thanks for posting the link to Christine's blog. That's really food for thought. I'm still contemplating my word, but I think it might have to be FOCUS, since that is my biggest challenge lately.

    I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about more of your new home adventures and your projects (or 'projiks' hehe).

    Take care

  3. Wow, in so many ways I can relate to this post. Thanks for sharing that link. I will be pondering the list all day. Two jump out at me, "gentleness" and "gratitude."
    Release is one I haven't figured out at all, so maybe that's one I need to focus on. Love the idea of just choosing one.

  4. Happy New Years!

  5. I think discipline is calling me. I need more self discipline in most every corner of my life.

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Do you know anybody who wasn't happy to see 2009 go? (Although I think you had more reasons than just about anybody.) Your post makes me think that it's smarter to pick a word that describes last year than to pick one for the new year - or at least to do both. I have to think awhile about what word would describe 2009. Oh, I sent your ornaments today, so you are way ahead of the game in some respects for 2010!

  7. purge. that's my word and i've been doing a whole lot of it since the new year began. actually feels good. When i put a pile of feedsacks together to put on ebay i knew i was serious. :-/

    Happy New Year to you. Looks like the new house is coming along nicely!

  8. I had seen several people post their one-word resolutions and I'm not sure if they all got the idea from this blog, but I love seeing the list of options. Maybe Grace? or Growth? probably Growth. Our 2006/2007 was about as good as your 2009 and I feel like I'm still recovering in some ways - time to Grow I think.


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