Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Organize that craft room along with me!

I have managed to organize and decorate nearly the whole new house in less than a month. And two weeks of that time we were still under construction. Every room is completely unpacked, pictures are hung, curtains and blinds are up and while it is not "perfect" or perhaps even the way it will stay for more than a few months, it's all done and functional and looks like home.
The junk drawer is tidy...
the tablecloth closet is all neat and pretty (and in need of a barn wood/chicken wire door!)...
even the linen closet is orderly.

Each of the other rooms was done in about half a day. I was setting a goal of two spaces per day and working hard to get those two done every day.

But ladies, let's talk about that darn sewing room.

I spent ALL DAY in there yesterday and this is what it looks like this morning.
It is a paralyzing horror fest in there.

I just stand there, freaked out, not having the first clue what to do next.

So I have a crazy idea, this week I will do a little "organize along with me" series as I clean it up. It will motivate me and maybe you? I am going to show you exactly how I am going to get it from paralyzing horror fest to neat and tidy and functional. (It won't be all the way perfect. I scored a REALLY awesome piece of furniture off the street before we were moving and it is bound for the sewing room. But I need it to be spring time so I can paint it up and put it to use.)
You can take pictures if you want or don't if you are embarrassed. I get it. My girlfriend always tell me I am brave for posting photos like this. I will start a flickr group if anyone else is brave enough to do it.
There are two things we need to do today.
First and most importantly, I think, is to decide what you want your messy space to look like.

I want my sewing room to be more sparse than it was at the other house. I want more stuff in the closet and less out on shelves. And I want to live with what I love. Not what I kind of like, or might be able to use, or have some weird attachment to.

I've done this for every other thing in house the past few months and has been wonderful.
The second thing we need to do is gather up some boxes or bins. We are going to need plenty to sort things in to.

I will be sorting into the same fabric bins you saw in the playroom, because I have moved all this stuff 14 times at this point and once it is sorted I do not want to move it again. Those particular bins are closetmaid cubical fabric bins (I cannot find a link for the life of me), and you can find them anywhere - Target, Wal-mart, Lowes, K-mart, etc. They also happen to fit nicely on my closet shelving system.

However, feel free to use cardboard boxes or rubbermaid tubs (on sale everywhere right now) if that is what you have in the basement. Cleaning up that mess does not have to be expensive.

You are also going to need trash bags.

If you have a local freecycle or craigslist, get an account now! Some of that junk is going to need a new home. :-)

Ready to clean up that mess? I will see you back here in two days to get started!


  1. Boy, that scene looks familiar. I'd join you, but I can't devote the time to it. Mine would look exactly the same at the end of the week as it does now. Good luck. I'll be watching hoping for some inspiration.

  2. I am going to try it... mine is much worse than yours, but I've been wanting to work on it since the first of the year, so what the heck - this is as good a time as any!

  3. I'll join you! Mine has been "half done" for about four months since we moved in. I'll post some pix on my blog in a few days. What a great new year's project!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do. We're in the process of a home remodel. We're waiting to hear back from the construction company on a timeline and I'm finally getting a room dedicated to my crafting!! For now, I'm using a kitchen island and my basement storage and a kitchen closet to organize craft supplies. It's an awful disaster. I'm going to get brave and post before and after pictures. You've motivated me.

  5. I can't wait to see how it is finished. I really want to have a more functional craft room, but have some strange furniture pieces that are in the room. Good luck with your task! Maybe your new look will inspire me to get myself in there and make those changes that are needed to make my space not only cleaner and more functional but more inspirational!

  6. I'm with ya sister! I have a bit of a jump start since I did this already this year, but things have fallen behind and need some re-organization. I'm happy to say that my fabric is already organized and has that part has proven easy to maintain. Keeping the clutter off the floor and off my cutting table has been my issue. I'm ready to quit ignoring it and get it under control. Thanks for the nudge.

  7. I'm partially organized-I share a room with DH and his computer stuff.

    Maybe I should get HIM to read this blog entry!

  8. I am so impressed at your ability to organize and decorate your house so quickly! It took me forever to just pick out curtains for the living room and they are still not hemmed, nor do I like them. Not to mention various walls painted colors I don't particularly care for - but how can I pick a color?!
    I think you will do a wonderful job organizing. Perhaps I should just try my closet first.

  9. Perfect! I've decluttered most of the rest of the house and my sewing room is the one i've been scared to tackle because i know it's the most time consuming. I did go through there and pull out some of the stuff i like but don't love (i have been holding onto every feedsack i've ever touched). It's been tough to purge but i want the space to be less cluttered. I can't focus in there now. I don't know if i'll get a chance to post pictures etc but i will definately be following along!

  10. I don't think I'm ready to get rid of anything just yet....but I'll watch you!

  11. I definitely should me! Where Im trying to move my craft stuff to is a disaster!


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