Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty Talk

I will be back here with photos of the completed sewing room soon. It's been gray and foggy and frankly I am just sleepy right now. Yawnnnn.

In the meantime here are some photos I took of the master bath ages ago for you. This is the room that has the hexagon tile floor with the flower garden pattern in it. (Sorry I don't have a good photo of that in this batch.)

There are no before photos because frankly it was not fit for your eyes. Or my eyes. Or anyone's eyes. LOL
Pedestal sink, IKEA mirror, vintage glass towel bar, vintage light fixture, my cross stitch art.
A collection of vintage medicine chests provides MUCH needed storage. (Mirror + pedestal sink = ZERO storage) This part of the room didn't exist before. It was a very small bath with only a shower. The wall was on the right side of the window and where the medicine chests are was a little vanity area outside of the bathroom, between the bathroom and the closets.
And my tub again, but with shower curtains finally. It takes a lot of shower curtains to curtain in a tub like that. 3 vinyl ones and 2 matching fabric ones. I was super lucky to have thrifted a shabby chic shower curtain this fall that already matched one I had bought at Target. I found it in the sewing room stuff where I had tossed it to cut it up. Thank goodness I hadn't done that yet!

I was changing the shower curtain in the hall bathroom yesterday because Jack had peed all over it. He wanders in while I am in the middle of the job and we have the following conversation:

"What are you doing mom?"
"Changing the curtain."
"Because you have peed all over it."
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did. Look here."
(He goes quiet for a minute.)
"Ohh, the white one? Yea at the old house I used to pee on it all the time."


Little boys. :-)


  1. WHY!!!!! I am not looking forward to potty training Adler! But atleast now I know to fully examine the shower curtain LOL! Oh and I love the pink beadboard ;)

  2. LOVE the medicine cabinets on the wall! I have an old display cabinet that size and I haven't found the right spot for it but that makes me want to look again.
    Speaking of thrifting at Target, in a past life I was on the TARGET PRICE CHANGE TEAM and it was my job (in the wee small hours of the morning) to find and mark down stuff that wasn't selling fast enough. Fun gig for someone who likes finding things and bargains! Also, LOL at Jack. I know a book that would be perfect for him, but he'll have to wait until March to get his hot little hands on it!

  3. Oo La La! Your bathroom is darling. Maybe there's a reason I have 2 girls...hee hee.

  4. Love the medicine cabinet idea!

  5. Love the bathroom, especially the medicine cabinets. Jack is too funny!

  6. I wannnna take a bubble bath in your claw foot tub! Then I wannnnna fix my hair in your IKEA mirror. Both are awesome!!!

  7. sooo pretty! jack cracks me up!

  8. I have 5 grandsons and it never ceases to amaze me how they can pee on absolutely everything!
    i just found your blog looking for bottlebrush trees (great tutorial BTW) I love your blog!

  9. GORGEOUS bathroom! Love everything, it came out great!

    Boys... lol

  10. tammyCA10:45 AM

    Love the bathroom...all the things I want: beadboard, pedestal sink, clawfoot tub. I especially love the pink beadboard. I found one of those shabby chic curtains at the thrift store, too...not sure what I'll do with it, so if you need another. :)


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