Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretty "work"

We had a few really warm days this week and I took full advantage of it to spray paint a pile of things that needed to be painted for the new house.

I painted FOUR chandeliers in one day on Wednesday, and that meant a lot of chandelier crystals needed to be washed.
Jack happens to love washing things in the new sink...
and I happened to notice how pretty the work he was doing was.

Even with a sink full of dirty dishes.

Now if only I get David to hang those chandeliers up.

(And would you believe even with all the chandeliers from the other house and the four new ones I bought last fall, I still need something insane like 5 more chandeliers? Here's hoping a good junking season is coming this spring!)


  1. I can't wait to see those chandeliers hung. Too fun! The more the merrier!!

  2. I remember those days when my children were small and would be at the kitchen sink washing the dishes for me.

    I am SO looking forward to May when I can start getting out on Saturday morning for my yard sale hauls..yahoooo

  3. How nice to have a little helper for those tedious jobs. Did he stick with it til the end?

    I love the sink and back splash.

  4. What a handsome washer you have there!! I can't wait to see them in place!

    Do you have to rewire most of them? I bought a fixture last year, sprayed it, got new glass shades, and had my hubby hang it in the dining room only to have 4 of the 5 sockets blow my bulbs! Grrrr. I need to convince him to take it down so I can rewire.

  5. Your kitchen is so lovely! I wish you lots of very cheap chandeliers in your future!


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