Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random stuff

We changed the mailbox today. Thrilling, I know, but it is exciting for us.

From moldy and
rusty to
pretty and new.

Other, more interesting stuff:

I am in LOVE with My parents were awesome . I love the hippie type photos the most. I need to dig up more old photos of my grandparents and the house.

Selena at Apron Thrift Girl is raffling quilts for Haiti. If you are always thinking of buying yourself a vintage quilt that is the perfect opportunity.

I have three of the boxes for this year's Heart to Heart swap, and seriously, they are awesome. This could be the best year yet. If you didn't get an email from me this week, remember I would like to have all the boxes by Saturday so I can box them up next weekend.

Less interesting stuff:
Jack is driving me freaking crazy with the Wii. Santa brought it this year and I have to ride herd constantly about screen time. He spends 20 hours a day bugging me about it. If I didn't love me some 90210 and Project Runway I think I would be considering going tv free. ugh.

It has been GRAY GRAY GRAY GRAY here for what feels like an entire month. I need sun. Bad. I am in the midst of some winter doldrums I think. ugh again.

I've been thinking a little about blogging.

Mainly about how I tend to find it irritating if I ask a question in the comments and never receive an answer.

I try to answer questions, even if I have to go to your blogs to do so because there is no email address, or I make a point of addressing it on the blog if it seems to be a common issue. But I am sure some of you have slipped through the cracks. Have you asked me something and I've forgotten you? Have I otherwise annoyed you with my prattling on? LOL

It's interesting how facebook seems to be changing the face of blogging a bit. It seems to have taken away some of the more personal aspects of some blogs as those people now just facebook that stuff.

I think I tend to be an "old school" blogger and I CANNOT get on board with some of this "new fangled" stuff. Followers, gadgets, widgets, parties, round robins, what is all that stuff? Ha! (I do get the followers thing, but I would have to upgrade to add some kind of follower gadget and I just can't do that. I guess some of you find the followers thing easier than a feed reader?)

I also get all these emails asking for ad space or offering to give me products if I will do giveaways etc and I find myself deleting them all. Maybe I am short changing us both with that though? I have seen some folks get themselves some nice things from those same emails I deleted. Do you want to see that stuff here or are you happy to not have it here?

Anyway, that's my random two cents for today.

How about you?


  1. Nice new mailbox - fresh and clean looking!

    I hear you on the comments. I always try to reply to comments. I may miss a few, but not if they ask a question. I've sent tons of emails to too, just because I didn't see before hand that there was no return email address haha.

    I facebook but I like my blog better. Facebook is boring, plus too many people on there are from my past and I would be better of not staying in contact, I think. But I'm not ready to delete it yet.

    I've had a couple of those emails about advertising. I thought they were spam then I got a persistent second email from one of them. Not sure what to do or how it works. Hmmm...

    Anyway, I enjoyed your ramble. Good stuff for a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening!

  2. I use Facebook but these two are completely seperate. Ive never tried a feedburner but I think the following thing is easy. I just scroll through and click on the posts that are new. I always try & reply to comments, what few I get, even if I am kind of slow about it!

  3. Your new mailbox looks amazing!

    I read your blog and am sorry I don't comment more.

    I'm new to blogging and find it totally different from facebook. I guess I go about it differently then most. I use facebook to connect with long time friends and famiy and I blog to meet new people and inspire others as I am inspired by other blogs.

    I don't really care much about giveaways, I never win anything anyhow! ;)

    Happy Blogging!

  4. I love your blog! I have a Facebook account but lately I've become a "lurker" there. I logon and see what people post but I don't spend much time there... I would much prefer to read blogs. They are like novels to me. I answer questions if they are asked of me but it never occurred to me that if someone commented on my blog that they would expect a reply, I guess because I don't expect a reply when I comment on someone's blog.Now I'm looking at it in a different light. I haven't had the advertising emails but I'm a fairly new blogger so maybe that's why. I think I would be inclined to delete them. I don't know how the feed thing works but I did figure out the follower thing so I use that. I LOVE your blog (I follow you!)and I if ever you commented on my blog and I didn't answer you... I apologize, I didn't mean to be rude. PS... did I mention that I LOVE your blog??

  5. love the snailmail box...
    I don't care for the advertising on MY blog personally. But I do love the giveaway stuff. I like the thought of giving me faithful readers alittle something for their trouble. I have won some nice things on blog giveaways.

  6. Love the new mailbox! What a huge difference!

    Followers: There's a bar at the top of almost every blogger blog where you can click "follow". It didn't realize that until after I added the widget to my page.

    Giveaways, Advertisements, Etc: I would be selective about what you do, if anything. If someone wants to give you a necklace to giveaway on your blog, go for it. If they want to give you a $20 gift card and everything in their shop is over $50, I wouldn't do that.

    Also, ALWAYS mention if you're getting something in exchange. I don't like going to someone's blog and seeing them rave about some website that I know paid them to do it and they don't mention that it's a sponsered post. I feel like that is kind of dishonest.

  7. Snazzy mailbox!! I'm glad you're still a devoted blogger. I just can't get into FB. Many of my adoptive friends (which is why I started blogging in the first place) have ditched their blog for FB. I already spend too much time on the computer as it is and can't add one more social media to the mix. I just love the format, written text and pictures too much to desert blogging.

  8. I facebook, but I don't link my blog there. I don't mind being friends with my blog buddies, but I could do without my richy-rich high school "friends" reading about my newest thrift score. They so would not understand....

    I just did a post for a company to review a product. And, I feel weird about it. but, they are sendingme a one hundred dollar fancy pants pan an I need a new pan, so I sucked it up and did it I still feel wierd about it. But, I am looking forward to my new pan!

    We need a new mailbox. Ours is a wiggling. :(

  9. Well, now you have me a little paranoid that somehow I've missed a question on my little old blog!

    I hate to tell you this, but you have "misplaced" one of my comments/questions before. It had to do with your new addy. I haven't thought too much about it beacuse I know how busy you have been.

    I am with you on FB, I swore if one more person wanted me to help me on their "farm" or take a survey I would delete the whole thing! Instead I ignore it as much as possible! I like blogging MUCH better!

    Oh, it won't get any better with the Wii! My 15 year-old has had a gaming system since he was 3 (yeah, he was kinda young!) He spent a good chunk of this weekend playing, but he's a good student and a real good kid, so there are worse things!

  10. I occasionally comment here--don't think I've asked any questions. My blog has a few regular commenters, and I usually email them back if they have questions. Again, I have much less traffic than you, so it's not super time consuming.

    About the Wii (I had to say something about this!), my six year old son is terrible with it. We got it for the kids Christmas a year ago, and the girls really don't care about it, but my son would gladly spend all day every day on that stupid thing. Really, if I had known that it would turn him into a zombie addict, we never would have gotten it! I'll let him play maybe once a week now. If it's a rainy weekend, maybe he'll get a little extra time on the weekend. He does play video games at friends' houses, which I have mixed feelings about. I really regret spending all that freakin money on the wii.

    And I've just about given up on Facebook. I went through my "heavy user" phase about a year ago, but then I really tired of hearing what people I hadn't seen in twenty years were eating for dinner. Just because you can publish every mundane detail of your life as it's happening doesn't mean you should! I prefer blogs.

    Stepping off of soapbox now. Love the mailbox, by the way!

  11. Lovely mailbox!!
    I've been thinking lots lately about how blogging has changed since I first started. I don't mind the ads, I don't really pay any attention to them anyway. Giveaways are fine too. What bothers me is a giveaway that gives you extra chances if you are a follower or if you blog about the giveaway. I'm not sure why it bothers me, but it does.
    While I'm on my soapbox, I said I don't mind ads, and I don't- but the reason I started and continue to read blogs is for inspiration, shared ideas and the feeling of community. So often it happens, a blog that was once inspirational, becomes little more than an online billboard. When they aren't promoting their sponsors they are promoting themselves so they can get more sponsors.
    I'm old school too and miss the good old days ; )

  12. Great new mailbox. Makes me realize that we should be thinking that way...

    You've always been great about getting back to me after a comment or email.

    Giveaways or ads... if I do a giveaway it's something from me, or from my Etsy shop... but that's just me. I don't mind if people do it and are up front about it...

    Hmmm... what I'm wondering is how do you build such a nice big readership? I seem to start small and stay small...

    Have a great week. I think I see blue in our sky this morning... wow!
    Blessings, Kim

  13. Ohh tons of comments. I love the new mailbox. Never had a game of any kind when Frankie was little. Now I can see there was some wisdom there. Unfortunately it would be Frankie asking for food and me never getting off the game. I to get those offers and never respond. I don't like facebook and never go there anymore. And I don't want to switch my blog over to get the new features.. I'm lazy.

  14. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Hi There,
    I guess I'm old fashioned too- I don't have a face book acct ( Crazy ex don't need more ways for him to have fun making me miserable)A lot of the blogs I read do have the give aways - but I live in Canada & usually don't qualify anyway- I like your blog just the way it is. - Congrats on your new home-I'm so enjoying seeing how other people relocate!Dee in BC

  15. Coming from a former rural mail carrier- that fabulous new mailbox of yours IS, indeed, thrilling!

  16. Where oh where is the sun??? Will it ever come back???

    Interesting read about all the facebook etc. stuff. I just don't get the attraction -- I have an account, but it's too "messy" and busy. Like a quick fix -- I think maybe that's why people like it.

    Ads on blogs REALLY annoy me. I NEVER click on them -- what's the point? I guess it's worth it for someone, but I've actually unsubbed from some blogs that are constantly having sponsor giveaways, etc. I want to read about them and what they're doing, not goofy sponsors. Blech.

    As for followers, they aren't exclusive of a feed are they? It seems to be only something for blogspot blogs -- not real crazy about that either -- smacks of high school popularity contests or something -- or maybe I just don't get it?

  17. I'm more of a lurker than commenter and follow on a reader. I still haven't figured out what the difference is. And I still haven't succumbed to the facebook craze.

    Anyways, I was surfing and came across this link and thought of you.

    sorry I don't know how to imbed it. Hopefully, it will copy and paste ok. Basically, it's a system so you don't have to hear a million times how much they want to play the wii.

    I say if you can make money off of ads, go for it. They don't really bother me. As for giveaways, I don't mind them but its kind of like an advertisement too. I hardly ever enter them anyways.

    And since I only comment once a quarter it seems, I really love your blog. LOVE. And I think it is amazing what you've done with your house.

  18. Us 'lurkers' love you just the way you are - we're just lazy about leaving comments! Blog 'cause you love it - not for the comments, okay?! I do good to get 1 or 2 comments, and I keep going - so be happy with you MEGA comments!! ...and NO we don't want ads on your sidebar!

  19. Oh you bring up some really good points I am feeling the same way about. I've been inundated with the ad emails and freebie stuff. My daughter said be careful with some of that for tax reasons. Anyway I don't want to clog my blog up with ads. It is a personal choice. And unless there is some freebie offer I love, I won't do it. And the answer thing!!! I get questions all the time that I can never answer. If they don't have a return email I simply can't so I forget it. It seems rude but I don't have time to be tracking people down or fussing with reposting details on old posts. Whatever. I get frustrated easily I guess. The mail box is great. Let me just say I've never ever seen a mailbox that needed replacing more than yours!! Good job.

  20. I have been reading your blog for a long time, but have never commented before. However, this topic has been on my mind a lot lately. Some of my (ex)favorite blogs I no longer go to because they are either raving about some product because they are getting paid to or trying to send me to a new sponsor. It's just like one big advertisement and I find it so disappointing. I feel sold out. It seems like they start with just occasionally and soon enough, it's like they get sucked in. I love your blog and hope you don't go there!!


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