Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sewing room organize along, finished!

It is taking me forever to get photos of this room on here, and frankly I do not know how to work my new camera yet, so this is as good as it gets I am afraid. LOL

This ended up being my freecycle pile. It's actually a huge amount of stuff considering how much I gave away BEFORE we moved.
I cannot seem to force my flash to work, sorry this is so dark. Finally everything is off the floor! The basket in front of the fabric shelves does have another home, but there is still a box of ornaments sitting there. Too tired to pack them away right now.
The other side of the sewing table.
The corner opposite the door, home to the inspiration board for now. (It's actually too high for me to use, sigh.) I didn't spend a lot of time worrying about where the furniture is because I know this furniture will be leaving as soon as it is warm enough for me to paint my new furniture. As a result, the cabinet underneath my paper bin is in an awkward place.
I had a few more containers than I could fit in the closet, so I dug around in the basement and used a bookshelf that used to be in our garage. It too could use a coat of paint. (Hurry up spring!)
The right side of the closet. (I am still labeling all the containers.) Underneath the bottom shelf are my big dishbarrels that I keep the ornaments in. I refuse to keep my precious ornaments in the basement, so they have to stay in the closets upstairs.
And the left side of the closet. Not as tidy as the right, but everything is organized and it all fits in there. That's what matters!
And the last cardboard box in the room.

I've actually had all the organizing done in there since about 3 days after I started posting the organize along, which is not too bad. It still took 3 days longer than I thought it would, but I got it done. And THAT'S what matters.

If you are still working on your space remember to keep going, even if it is just a little at a time. And get.rid.of.stuff! If it doesn't fit, there is too much stuff.

I've tried to keep a few things in mind as we continue to get rid of stuff (like the 4 trash bags of clothes Dave and I got rid of so that everything fits beautifully in our master closet now). Here's my mental checklist:

Would I pay $10 for this? $10 sounds arbitrary, but in reality it is about half of the money I take to the flea market every week. I have to want something pretty bad to pay $10 for it.

Do I REALLY REALLY love this? Love it so much it makes my heart sing?

Is it replaceable if later on I decide I HAD to have it again?

Does it fit in my vision of this space?

And a few tips for your closet space:

It does really help to have all the same containers to store stuff in. Everything being the same size and shape makes it fit nicer with less wasted space. It's expensive to do it that way, so don't be overwhelmed if that is out of reach immediately. Try buying one container every two weeks. You'll get there.

I put the less used stuff up high or down really low. The middle shelves see the most action.

Label everything, even if you only have masking tape to make labels with. It saves a lot of time and frustration and you are certain to not have two boxes of the same things. (Unless you need two boxes of the same thing.)

The sewing room is still not the sewing room of my dreams. I don't like the BIG dark wood furniture. I wanted painted furniture that is smaller. But now I at least now that I love the stuff that is in there and as I look for other pieces to make it more the sewing room of my dreams I know exactly what I need to store in there.

Okay, back to Valentine making with me!


  1. I love all the pink. The Dollar Tree has a bunch of new folding plastic storage boxes with lids. They would be great for sewing things.

    Did your Freecycle lady bring your bench back?????

  2. Girl, I gotta tell you that I am just amazed at what you've accomplished since moving in, which was what, December??!!
    I'm filling a banana box every week, and I'm really having a hard time getting past the "But I could probably use this at some point" thing. You know what I mean? As soon as you throw something out, you need it? Guess I just need to get ruthless! Well, it all looks beautiful, and you've definitely inspired me!

  3. I'm so impressed. You continue to inspire me.

    PS. Our heating/cooling guys left today and the drywaller comes on Monday. I'm hoping to start organizing again next week after the drywall mess is done.

  4. it looks great! i want to redo my room now. i have the same shelving, white from Ikea?

  5. What an inspiring room! The hamper with all your paper rolls? Brilliant!

  6. I'm loving the $10 rule...and I'm going to use it as I continuously go through my stuff.

  7. Fantastic looks really great.

    I'm hoping to post some pics, and maybe a video of my decluttering adventures..I can't get over how MUCH stuff I've gotten rid of so far JUST by going through cupboards and shelves...AND I've ONLY just

  8. Looks great! I also think the $10 rule is helpful, maybe I will try that!

  9. It looks great! Man, to have a space like that. I should have taken before pictures of my little space. So much nicer now!

  10. Hey Sarah, I've got an award for you over at my blog! No obligation to participate. I just want you to know that I enjoy my visits to your blog, and you're a real inspiration!
    Happy Monday!


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