Monday, January 04, 2010


The sewing room* has exploded.
Please send help quickly!
At least the play room** is finally tidy though.

*I painted that room gray. It looks white though. I probably should have chosen a bolder gray.

**I painted this room green. It was HORRIBLE, so I repainted it white. Everything here is white. A bit of a change for me. Jack is always asking me why everything is white in the new house.

It took me DAYS to whittle down the toys. The old play room was the entire basement. Here it is in a 10 x 10 room. That was hard.

I need to do the same for the sewing room. Clearly.

***Today should have been my first day here in the big house alone. Dave at work, Jack at school. It's 4 degrees and the van won't start so my half pint is still here with me. That's both good and bad! LOL


  1. 4 degrees!! Brrr! I just thought it was cold here.

  2. Your sewing room looks a LOT like my craft room! :) I love the playroom storage. The colorful drawers pop against the white wall.

  3. I'm so glad you are human. I love seeing your messy sewing room. I recognize that fisher price castle and dollhouse. Those are favorite toys in our house too. Jack's playroom is very inviting and so very very tidy...hee hee.

    Stay warm!! I thought it was cold in MI. Have fun digging out from your sewing room.

  4. Love all the cubbies in the playroom! So cute and colorful.
    Is it bad that seeing your sewing room made me feel better about my sewing corner? I'm SURE you will have yours all organized and neat before I do though. We are STILL remodeling and the room that houses all my sewing and craft stuff will be the last to get finished! I think I may have started a new design trend by putting all 3 of photo screens around all the junk - I mean stash!
    Blessings on you in your new home.
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your new

  5. Your playroom looks great, the cubbies are so practical! I'm sure looking at it will motivate you to work on the sewing room next. Good job!

  6. Love the playroom storage! You are blessed to have a sewing room (no matter how messy!) I'm sure you'll have it straight in no time!

  7. It looks like you're making great progress Sarah! I'll bet you're loving all your newfound space!

  8. That sewing room looks heavenly! So many potential projiks!! You'll whip it into shape before long.

    Spent the day making my Valentines. Got an idea and ran with it! This is the year I get them in the mail-all of them- and the $2-on time!

  9. I don't do a good job getting rid of things-- too emotionally attached to too many things, especially kid stuff! Good luck! Your house looks great already!

  10. The play room storage might make good sewing room storage. It is so so cold here too.


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