Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A valentine greeting

I obviously didn't send Christmas cards this year. Since I have a postcard coupon I want to spend I thought we might send a Valentine greeting instead this year.

So off Jack and I go at 9 am to get a haircut for him (a terrible one at that), and then this afternoon we go out in the freezing cold to try and get a picture to use.

This is NOT as easy as it was when he was a smaller.
There was surly Jack.
Jack looking at the sky?
Jack playing Where's Waldo.
Jack the mummy.

And then I started to get tense. "JACKSON! Please help mommy. It's cold. Lift your cheeks son! Lift your cheeks!"

The pictures actually get better after he starts to monkey around.
Jack gets cheesy.
Jack tries out heartthrob.
Jack inadvertently makes kissy faces.
Jack looks plain sweet.
Oh lordy, Jack the grouch is returning.
Maybe a winner? (The bad haircut really does bug me. ugh. And yes, I would crop out the folding quilt.)

Have a favorite?


  1. I vote for the last WITH the fold! (but that's just me.)

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I like the heartthrob one, cute with just a smidge of a cheesy grin.
    Maybe the haircut is worse in real life but in the photos it makes Jack look SO cute! You want bad haircuts, come look at some of my childhood photos. That was bad.

  3. I like the last two. But the heart one is the best for V-Day. I have my Jack in the Santa Suit postcar in my laundry room where I can see it everyday. Such a cute kid! (And the haircut is not that bad).

  4. I like both the last one and "Jack tries out heartthrob." And his haircut looks a lot like most little boys haircuts, not bad but not great.

  5. That kid can't take a bad picture! He is so gosh darn adorable. My pick is for the last one, but really they're all keepers!

  6. How do you choose? He's adorable? I love the one where he's looking at the sky... so all boy! But I'm guessing you won't want to send that one so I vote for the last one.. and I agree with svelteSTUFF... leave the fold!

  7. just close your eyes and pick one, they are all just adorable!! I do like the last one though, or the cheesy grin.


  8. the "heartthrob" one. Too adorable!

  9. I like the last one. This reminds me of all the Christmas card photo headaches I've had over the years. I've had the best luck with setting up the scene beforehand, calling the kids into the space and shooting the picture before they realize what's happening.

    All the pictures put together really tell a great story!

  10. love them all...his little red vest is ADORABLE!

  11. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"...they all are cute.

  12. Awww, they're all so sweet! I think I probably like the last one the best though!

  13. Cheesey Jack is killing me.

  14. They are all cute...can you a collage?

  15. I really like the plain sweet one. Like a shy kid offering flowers to the girl next door kind of look.

  16. You are right. The last one is a winner. But it would be cute to have several in a line like a photo booth type of card. They are all precious. And that quilt!!! Yowsa.


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