Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heart to Heart 2010

Yesterday was completely overwhelming. Today promises to be a much quieter day.

So let's get on with the parade of Valentines, shall we? (I need to put all this Valentine stuff away at some point, ha.)
Mel always makes the loveliest things. These are so pretty and sparkly and you know I love the glass button in the middle!
Jeanette sent these cute altered bingo cards. I am going to hang mine from the Valentine tree with a clothespin!
Oh man, teeny tiny pom pom trim? I'm in. Thanks to Hope for these cuties.
Jessi made everyone these sweet felt heart ornaments. I always love it when there is just a "little" variation in what they send because I get first choice! :-) (Although it is often very hard to choose one.) I choose another glass button of course.
And a minute to brag a little...Jack laid down with me the other day and read all 5 chapters of Flat Stanley. I couldn't be more proud of him. A chapter book 6 months before he even starts kindergarten!



  1. How fun to see your heart swaps. Everyone's work is so inspirational to look at. You must be so dang proud of Jack. What a smartie pants!!

  2. This years Valentines were so spectacular. Although, they always are.

    I have a whole flickr set devoted to the many Flat Stanleys that have visited me. If you want to have Jack make one, I will show Flat a good time!

  3. What wonderful Valentines.
    Oh how clever your little man Jack is.


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