Sunday, February 14, 2010


Despite the fact that I hauled my very crabby post-op self to the post office to mail the Heart to Heart boxes priority mail so they would arrive for Valentine's Day, most of them have not yet been received. Boo.

So instead of ruining the surprise and starting the parade of Valentines today, how about we look at some sweet presents that have made their way to me lately?
Jack made me a jewelry organizer at the Lowe's workshop yesterday. Here he is INSISTING that he does not know how to smile. Ha. Isn't he sweet?
Dave reportedly had to hunt high and low for a company that still makes fancy candy boxes, but he found one!
I also asked for flowers this year. Something I never ask for, but flowers are nice in this giant new house. (Which really feels OH SO BIG lately.)

I will fully admit that one of the best parts of hosting the heart to heart swap are the sweet little extras in the boxes. Here are a few of them:
two.matching.feedsacks! from Shara ;
a super sweet heart made with tiny yo-yo's from Tiff ;
a sweet little altered sock stuff with all kinds of goodness from Mel ;
and not only did Breanna send me two strands of glass garland which I have been playing with...
but she sent these REALLY, REALLY fabulous crepe paper books which kept me entertained for many hours when I was lying in bed.

There was also a lovely pink shawl (Thanks Courtney!), some yummy candy (thanks Jane!) and more. Can you believe how spoiled I was? Thank you all. (Jack would thank you all for his little treasures too, but he is too busy arguing with his father in the other room right now. That kid.)

And just wait until you see the Valentines they came up with this year. It *might* just be the best year yet...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. :-)


  1. I *heart* that yo-yo heart!! How sweet! Love the Jack pic too. He's just too cute!

  2. Never fear, we will get them. It will make me feel like it's still Valentine's day. Or maybe like it's finally Valentine's Day since the DH did NOTHING. Boohoo. I am having a serious pity party today. Your chocolate box is fabulous. And, pink tulips are m favorites. Lucky girl!

  3. Happy Heart Day!!! I've been thinking of you and hoping you've been able to get your craft-on!!


  4. Glad you had a sweet Valentines Day. RE: The boxes, I was just on Amazon today and they have a warning to all that the weather all over the country has slowed the mail down all over the country. Never thought about that before, but it is a tremendous ripple effect. We are both sick with colds this v-day so we will be celebrating next weekend. I like to extend holidays anyway.

  5. My package made it's way to me on Saturday, so perfect timing :) I should take a picture of my decorated door! I have some things from old swaps and some from the new as well!


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