Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter decorations

How about a peek at the Easter stuff I did manage to get up before it comes down?

Before I start, someone was asking about the speckled eggs (and I have no way to contact you), I assume you meant the ones hanging on the fireplace? I thrifted them, but they still had a Marshalls price tag on them. Not much help I am sure.
It took me half a day to find the glass ornaments, but find them I did.
The old die cuts are back in the "hall of frames."
I love the Easter tree in the foyer.
A closer look.
I thrifted this sweet cross stitch a few weeks ago and just plopped it on the mantle. It might stay there after Easter.
A faux chocolate bunny under a cloche and one of my grandpa's old jars stuffed with some peep lights.
The eggs in the jar are all real, some have been with me since we lived in Florida. The eggs on the cake plate are Jack's creation. He was bugging me over the weekend to dye eggs (too early!) so I dug out the wooden eggs and some watercolors and set him to work. He spent two days painting those eggs, working in bursts here and there, and I was SO pleased when I looked at them and discovered he had made them striped and beautiful!

I am really not feeling like myself lately. :-( I spent most of Friday bawling my eyes out when I discovered that the director and assistant director of the preschool are both pregnant.

And I find myself really hating the new neighborhood. We moved from a VERY (overly) vibrant neighborhood that was full of kids and commotion to a dead zone filled with retirees. Jack and I can spend 6 hours a day outside and see not another living soul. Only two people have knocked on the door in almost 4 months...There are no kids needing help with homework, no one needs a cup of sugar, the doorbell isn't ringing constantly, there are no too loud radios,etc etc.

And it is lonely.

For both Jack and I.

We've been walking to the park trying to meet kids in the neighborhood for him to play with. Yesterday there was a cute little boy Jack's age who tried SO hard to get Jack to play with him. Jack decided he didn't want to speak to anybody yesterday, so he just stuck to me like a fly on poo.

While I usually deal with Jack's social difficulties with ease, yesterday left me feeling sad and frustrated.

David says he was the same kind of child and that his parents made him feel like he was torturing them with his difficulties. I certainly do not want to do that, but I do want to encourage Jack to branch out a bit, take a risk. (The last two times we have been down there he was happy to play. Maybe it was the kid or the day or the phase of the moon, lol.)

Sigh. Anyway, that's whats happening with us.

I have another bookshelf on the patio waiting for me to paint it, so I suppose I should get up and do something, eh?

P.S. Did you see this article about quilting truckers? There is a quote in there about actually accomplishing something with his time off and I have long said that making things gives me a real feeling of accomplishment while I am doing the work of mothering, a job that is often one where it is hard to see the accomplishment. :-)


  1. Sorry to hear about your lonely neighborhood. I hope that your lovely renovations will inspire other young families to consider the neighborhood "up and coming." We are looking for a old people neighborhood because house prices tend to be a little lower. They don't last long tho. Your Easter decorations are lovely as always. I feel as though this new house has much more light? Am I right? Nice to see some familiar things in new places.

  2. Is there another playground close by that you can go to? One where more children play? If there are all retirees in your neighborhood, there probably won't ever be many children at that one. There's bound to be one in the area that is just crawling with kids!
    I love your Easter decorations! And I probably say it too much, but I always enjoy seeing the mirror collection!

  3. I really don't have too much to add. just that I have that same Westmoreland cake plate with the eggs on it.

    Also, that I am feeling for you and your woes. I'm so glad you can share with us...I can't seem to find the right words when I'm feeling down and frustrated.

  4. My daughter was like that very often was she was 4. It was very frustrating to me because in no way have I ever been shy and I was afraid to peel her off of me, afraid I'd scar her for life. Her father is very shy and was much better at pushing her comfort level, because he'd been there. Thankfully, she outgrew it and is now the social queen of the second grade.
    Good luck.

    Hopefully some families will move in, but it might take time.

  5. Maybe as the older folks start to die off, some younger families with kids will move in. Sad to think like that, but it's just a fact of life. And there are perks with that. Estate sales. Or they clean out the house and put it on the street. Our neighborhood was older and I've witnessed it first hand.

  6. Your decorations are lovely! I'm sad I'm not home for Easter this year to put up my fabulous Easter tree. And I love that cross stitch! I thrifted a Peter Rabbit cross stitch book in the past, I may have to dig that out now. :)

    I'm sure Jack was just having one of those days. I know I have them and quite often lately. I'm feeling a bit off, too. Oh and I LOVE the eggs you made for Shara's swap!!

  7. I lived in a older aged neighborhood also because I loved those little fixer uppers with the side walks and the front porches.Boy it didn't take long and there were lots of young couples with the same idea but until then it was hard.

    One couple the only other young couple invited us over to welcome us to the neighborhood. How nice I thought until she informed me because I was a stay at home mom and didn't work would I mind bringing over the meal with enough to feed the other neighbors that she had invited also. How rude a MOM is always working,Right, being a mom is the hardest job in the world. I lose sleep over it quite often!! now I live in the country..on a lighter note

    loved your Easter decorations and have a blessed EASTER.

  8. I always love seeing your trees - they are so festive!

    I'm not much help with your loneliness. I always feel so isolated when I first move somewhere and sometimes for a long while afterward depending on how friendly everyone is. It sounds like you are doing all the right things - hope it gets better soon!

  9. Moving to a new place is always a challenge, but perhaps as the neighborhood changes, younger families will come in. Our neighborhood has been shifting and there have been 3 new babies in the last 2 months. We don't have a park to walk to, well, not easily, however. That is nice!


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