Sunday, March 14, 2010

A family shadow box project

I love shadow boxes. I pick them up whenever I see them cheap.
I found this one for a dollar at Goodwill last week. It's pretty small (probably 4 x 6) and I wandered around the house for a good hour trying to decide what to put in it. I could only find seashells that fit, and I really prefer them to hold something a bit more "precious".

I kept wishing I had something of my grandparent's that was screaming to go in there, but nada.
And then I remembered that just last week Jack had drawn the cutest family portrait and it was currently languishing away on the fridge amongst a million other drawings.

I had him add a drawing of our new house to the pile of drawings.
Then after he went to bed I copied them onto cardstock, cut them out so they had little stands on the bottom and glued them into the shadow box with some dollhouse flowerpots I picked up awhile back.

Add a piece of grass scrapbook paper to the back and voila!

Something precious indeed, our family and our house in a little shadow box. A moment captured perfectly in time.


  1. Wonderful idea. It's just perfect. I'm might just to borrow that idea in the future. Happy Sunday!

  2. Thats completely adorable! Reminds me of that article in Martha Stewart a couple months ago.

  3. Oh how cute is that! It's a keeper, forever and ever. I think alot of people are going to want to borrow this idea!

  4. Thats so cute I have one I picked up last year in a garage sale now I know what to do , It's going enter Pokemon's world. I can't wait to do this craft with our middle son.Thanks for all your great ideas

  5. What a wonderful idea, Jack must have been thrilled when he saw it!

  6. Cute! Looks like Amy's specimen box! LOVE Jack's drawing :)

  7. What a keepsake. So adorable. I love seeing what you have up your sleeve everytime!


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