Friday, March 26, 2010

Me and my stuff

On Wednesday I went thrifting. I decided on Tuesday I was going to forget about everything else and just follow that little nudge I had been having to go the thrift. And follow it, I did. Right to a nice bounty of treasure. (Never ignore that little thrift store call when it happens, I say.)

So, what did I buy? (photos can click to enlarge)
My everyday driver quilt is seriously on it's last legs. It is starting to riiiiiiiipppp every time I roll over at night. It's really hard to find a replacement though, because I am seriously attached to my quilt.

When I spotted this rosy quilt in the linens I think I had heart palpitations.
She made it with that border print fabric that I am in love with. And it is so soft and so perfect. I've slept under it for two nights already.

I have more duvet covers than should be legal, but these tiny periwinkle polka dots and that crochet edge are wonderful. Also already on the bed.
A pink tulip lamp?!?! Get out. LOVE. Destined for the kitchen countertop.
And feedsacks. Oh yes I did.
A never opened circus feedsack?!?! I think I died and went to heaven again, right?
This baby quilt top was clearly worked on by two different ladies. The bear appliques are PERFECT work. And in lovely 1930's fabrics with feedsack bowties.
Even their little tongues stick out.

But someone kind of ruined it when they did the sloppy blue stitching instead of finishing the embroidery properly. It would be a ton of work to rip out those stitches and redo it right, so I am pondering reusing the bears in something else.
I didn't get the greatest photo of this quilt top (my camera was going bonkers with that face recognition stuff, it could not pick a square to focus on! and it was too big for the garage door, thank goodness the fence starts going in in 2 weeks), but it is awesome.
There are so many interesting fabrics in it. I LOVE the purple one, of course.
It looks like the fabrics span a few decades, a true scrap quilt.

I don't often ponder finishing the quilt tops I pick up, but this one would be easy enough to do that I just might.
Last, but not least, is this super cool vintage toy for Jack. I had never seen these woodsey squirrels before...
but I was sold as soon as I saw that mushroom! They actually are quite fun (they squeak!) and Jack spent awhile playing with them. (Surprise, he did something other than ask me to play that $##@ wii.)

There were a few other things too - bedskirts (one is chenille), books for Jack (Goldilocks has chicken pox, the CUTEST illustrations ever), sheets to cut up for a smock for my niece, a restoration hardware mint julep cup for the bathroom and who knows what else. LOL

I did say it was a good day, right? :-)

And tomorrow is Saturday and garage sales are starting. I wonder what's out there waiting for me now?

Happy Friday!


  1. I am in love with your new rose quilt, too. It's gorgeous! And, that vintage squirrel set is adorable. Fun finds!

    I'm so anxious for garage sales to start up around here.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Oh my goodness you hit the motherload and your right about the Goldilocks book . I could move into that book, Super cute.

  3. You hit the serious mother lode! Wow! My cousin is coming in from out of town just to go thrifting tomorrow I hope we have some of your good fortune! Happy weekend!

  4. Wow, that was quite the hit!

    I have never, ever, found a quilt at my thrift. I have only ever found one table cloth.

  5. I'm so jealous of your thrifting! our only local thrift shop is always just filled with junk....

    The little stuffed log toy is so familiar- a friend had one when I was growing up but I can't recall what the name of the toys were!

  6. My jaw is on the floor--I want to go to your thrift store! Seriously, I've never, NEVER seen anything like what you picked up this week. Amazing finds!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! I had those squirrels when I was little! I loved those things!! If you ever come across a second batch, grab it up for me :) My girls would LOVE them. I remember playing with those all the time....

  8. What an amazing pile of thrifty scores! I can just imagine the cuddly feel of your new rose quilt ... it's just scrumptious! (And PS - I'm glad to know I'm not the only person with a duvet cover glut!)

  9. We had those squirrels growing up. I loved them.

  10. Pretty rose quilt and I love the lamp!!!

  11. I'm super impressed. Your rose quilt is divine. You really hit the jackpot this week. I always enjoy your thrifting treasures and you didn't disappoint. Have a super weekend!

  12. O.M.G. you found The Woodsies. I loved them as a kid. I still have my very loved copy of the book. (Covered in little snail stickers that say Becky of course.) :)

    Great finds, I never ever ever find feedsacks or quilts. Or Woodsies.

  13. This is why I sometimes long to live back down south. Our thrift stores are sad here. Maybe I can get some time on my next STL trip.

  14. That's a season's worth of thrifting! (I have that circus feedsack but it's not in nearly as good of shape, as I recall.) Honestly, the squirrels alone would have made my day.

  15. Oh you had an awesome day! Wow...all that thriftin? Good for deserve it! Lots of fun treasures for sure!

  16. Our Woodsey family is on its second generation of owners! Loved by my daughters ... now loved by my grandchildren! Thank goodness I saved them!

  17. You totally scored! We have Godilocks has chicken pox and it's a favorite. The illustrations rock. I love the wiener dog at the end of the book. Happy day!

  18. I had a set of those woodsey squirels when I was a kid and I loved them! My heard did a little pitty pat when I saw them!

  19. I'm just catching up on my blog reading (good GAWD). Fingers crossed & prayers said for you re:current conditions.

    That being said, I had the Woodsy's as a kid and my mom still has them. There is a book out there with the cutest illustrations that came with it. Wonder if you could find it on Amazon or the like. It's about a thunderstorm. My mom kept that too. :) xo


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