Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello again

I've been unintentionally gone for a bit, eh?

We are STILL working on the fence, which is taking a lot of time. And of course, the weather is warm and wonderful, so we've been outside a lot. And garage saling a lot. And flea marketing.
And going to baseball games! Twice this week. Although not the greatest photo of him, I love how this photo looks like Jack is standing in front of a picture of the stadium.(I had him stand on a chair in front of me.) The new camera does interesting things.
We've seen a double rainbow.
And I've been buying things for the new house at all those yard sales/flea markets/etc. Which means "projiks!"

I drove by this dresser twice before I decided to get out and buy it. What was I thinking?!? (I have no idea what to really call this style of furniture. That door on the bottom opens to reveal an armoire type space, with a bar for hanging clothes. Clearly it is meant for little people clothes, it's pretty petite.)
It's been freshly painted in a soft green (Martha Stewart LemonGrass*), had new knobs and has replaced the dresser that Jack was always complaining about. (The bottom drawer was hard to open and close.)

Speaking of the Jack attack, he was watching Peep this morning and he asked me if Quack (the duck) was an amphibian. I told him no, that Quack is a bird. "But mom, the teacher said that amphibians live on land and in the water. Like Quack." "Well, yes Jack, but it's more complicated than that. Birds have wings and feathers and 2 legs." "WAIT! I have an amphibian book , we'll look it up." He returns with the book, flips to the index (!), looks up amphibians and then brings me the book. "Ok, we need to read page 116 through 118."

It ALWAYS amazes me when I discover little things he knows. When did he learn to use an index? As a middle school teacher I was *still* teaching my kids how to do that!

For kicks we asked him who won the baseball game two days after we went. "Them," he said. (He was right.) What was the score? "5 to 2." (Right again.)

Silly me, I didn't think he was paying any attention at all. :-)

Ok, I have a bazillion messes to clean up, loads of things to photograph so that I can, you know, actually blog again, photos to collect from Costco and so forth. See you soon.~~

*I wish I had chosen a bolder green. The color is a little too pastel for Jack long term. And I really wanted silver knobs instead of glass for him, but I had too hard of a time deciding, so I went with the old standby. It works for now and I can change when he gets a little bigger.


  1. I have a similar dresser, which family lore says was my dad's when he was a baby - except my width-long drawer is at the bottom. My mom always called it a chiffarobe. I removed the clothes hanger part from the right side, put in shelves and use it as my dresser now - but someday I think it would make a grand craft storage unit.

  2. Really great photo of Jack! It's amazing how much he has grown since I started following you (I think it's been a little over a year.)

    The dresser really is lovely! Looks like a good color to me! It will need another coat of paint a few years down the road anyway!

  3. I really like that little dresser. Very cute!

  4. Definitely a fake photo! The dresser looks just perfect for small kids. I need a dresser for the boys' room desperately, but I can't seem to find anything like that. Wish I had your eye for finding the best things!

  5. I love dressers with those little doors on them! I grew up with one, a bit bigger than Jack's, and that space behind the little door was the best hiding spot!

  6. That cabinet is so cute and it looks great in his room!

  7. speaking of being blown away, my just turned 4 year old walked over & said, "why does he have a PLAY shirt on?" i couldn't believe he just walked up & read it!

    we'll miss the cards this year, for sure!

  8. The dresser looks great. I love that little door.

    You know, some of my high school students still don't know how to use an index... where were their elementary teachers, I wonder.

    Nice to have you back online.

  9. I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your blog since I first discovered it sometime last October! I recently started a blog and hope you will check it out! I, too have an affinity for chandeliers! And let little man Jack know that I'm super impressed he used the index! Next he'll be reading War & Peace, then on to Anna Karenina--gotta love that Tolstoy! When I was Jack's age, I read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-glass over and over!

  10. Anonymous10:28 PM

    The picture looked a bit unreal. Some photos do turn out to be something like that. The double rainbow is beautiful. I haven't seen one in real life.

  11. That Jack is a smart boy -- you're going to have to work hard to keep ahead of him! Love the cute little dresser!

  12. What did you expect from Jack when he has such a smart mama?? :)

    Love the dresser! I had one as a kid that had the same armoir type area with a clothes bar that pulled out for easier access. :) Can you please come and decorate my house??

  13. ooh i'm excited to use the Martha Stewart paint! Did you like it? I might need some of her 'trademark aqua' color for my kitchen one of these days.

    Were you and Jack under another section of seats at the ball game? That probably created the shadow that caused the 'fake photo' effect.

  14. I really like that! Where do you get your glass knobs from?

    Ive found places online but havent ordered any yet.


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