Sunday, May 23, 2010

Impromptu backyard camping

Yesterday while David was BBQ'ing for dinner Jack decided that we were going to have a backyard camp out right then.
He ran around the house gathering up all of his supplies - tents and sleeping bags...
he set up a "fire" and put our chairs around it...
and he gathered all the supplies to make s'mores. (Which we ended up making on the grill.)
He had to have marshmallow roasting. (Like our spur of the moment fire pit? HAHA!)
The marshmallows were thoroughly enjoyed. (Even if I did only have tiny ones and a BBQ skewer to stick them on.)
And then star charts were consulted...
as we watched the moon on our garage sale find telescope, found just that morning.

Then he and Daddy slept in the tent, all night! (Much to my surprise. And yes, I slept in the a/c in my bed. I am a wimp.)

I wonder what adventures he will come up with next?


  1. What an awesome projik Jack! Way to go mom & dad!

  2. Anonymous8:28 AM

    He got to use up unspent energy and what a lot of thinking went into the things he would need. Sometimes a boy just has to have alone time with dad. That's good. You guys rock! B.

  3. Awesome! Sadie wants to backyard camp this summer.

  4. Looks like fun! We just got home from camping at the lake.. and I'm exhausted!

  5. How fun! It looks like Jack enjoyed every minute of his impromptu camping adventure. My hubby and daughter leave tomorrow for a 6th grade overnight camping trip. I was happy that he agreed to chaperon. I'm also a HUGE wimp when it comes to outdoor sleeping. Hugs!

  6. Now that is just way too cute! Especially the fire pit!

    Good for prego Mom sleeping in the AC! We just turned ours on about 15 mins ago.

  7. I LOVE the fire pit idea. We went car camping a few weeks back, and it was a lot of fun too . . .except you can't use a two person backpacking tent for two people and a kid. It just doesn't work :)

  8. Super cute, I bet he had a blast!!

  9. How FUN!!! We don't have a level area in our yard to camp unless we did it in front. Love the fire pit.


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