Thursday, May 13, 2010

A small delay on Mother's Day

I haven't posted about Mother's Day yet because this year I was really feeling the weight of 3 miscarriages and a year long battle with infertility. On Mother's Day last year Dave and I really did think we would be the parents of two fabulous little people by now.

And yet, it was hard for to not think of so many women who have no fabulous little people at all. I just couldn't bring myself to say anything at all, knowing how hard this journey is for so many people.

So Mother's Day was very, very low key around here this year. We ate at our favorite Indian restaurant, went to the flea and puttered around our house.

Those of you on Facebook with me know that two weeks ago I was REALLY battling the hall bath trying to repaint it.
I gave up and gave myself the gift of a hired painter to do the job for me. It's now blue (Martha Stewart Artesian Well, Home Depot).
And it is *so* much better than the light white/grayish/purple color that was in there before.

All that's left to do in there is switch out the cabinet knobs for glass and find a light fixture to replace the bare lightbulb!
A few weeks ago I discovered this little drawing on our bedside table after Jack had been in there watching a movie.

A quilt! He drew me a little quilt! I love it so very much.
Jack's school had an art auction awhile back and all the kids had made little clay pinch pots. Except Jack, who pretty much refuses to make art projects at school. I REALLY wanted one of those little pots made by him, so I bought him some clay and for Mother's Day we made pots.
What is completely awesome about his are the "garlands" around the edge. As he was making them he said to me, "See mom? These are like those things you always hang up everywhere on the holidays."

That's my boy. :-)

(I think we might try painting the pots today.)

The other reason for my silence is tomorrow's impending doom - my birthday.

My 35th birthday.


Usually I have a big blog party the week of my birthday, but I am so NOT feeling any love for 35. In fact I am feeling like it's a freaking mid life crisis. Ha.

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow with something. Who knows what.


  1. Love the bathroom. Want to come help me with mine? ;) I have a horrid yucky yellow and brownish gold sponge paint with white wainscotting in my downstairs bath. Some prior owner thought that sponging those awful colors on the ceiling was a good idea. I have been living with that horror for 3 years now and it has to go. I love the wainscotting but can't pick what color to do the rest of the room. I would love to do a pale pink but my 16 year old son is the main user of that bathroom so that probably wouldn't be cool. ;)

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  3. ***That deleted comment was from me. I was signed in under my Dad's email address. WHOOPS! I knew you would freak out if you saw LEON had left you a comment! Who the heck is LEON!?!?!?!?!

    I'm not thrilled about birthday's much either - not the increase in age anyway. But, what can you do about it other than eat cake and have fun anyway???? I hated 30, then 35, then, well you know. It's all relative to how you feel inside and honestly, I still think I am 17!

    Hapde Burfday to YOU!

  4. You have such a pretty bathroom and Jack's pottery is just beautiful. Especially the garlands around the edges.

    I completely understand your feelings regarding Mother's day. As someone who struggled for years with secondary infertility and the enormous wait for our international adoption to be completed, it wasn't a holiday that was high on my list of favorites. Happy "soon to be" birthday. I'm turning 42 on the 24th of this month and I'm completely ignoring the numbers attached to it. Hugs!

  5. Your bathroom turned out great. And, I love, love, love your shower curtain.

    I hope you have a great birthday! Take some time for yourself and enjoy the day! It's been a tough year and heaven knows you deserve it.

    I finally got my quilt posted. It's pretty bad but I still need to work up the nerve to make pillows with it. Vintage quilts are such treasures!

    ~ Jennifer

  6. What a cute little pot! I'm sorry that Mother's Day was kind of hard this year, and I really hope your birthday makes up for it.

  7. Great wall color in the potty! I'll have to remember that... I did a lighter blue (also Martha Stewart--cake stand, I believe.) in my hall bath, kitchen, and laundry room.

    I have a pot and teacup very similar to Jack's from when I was in kindergarten!

  8. refuses to do the crafts - oh, i know that one! (JT liked to tell the teachers, oh, we do crafts at home.) the blue is great - we have a weird green in our bath and need to paint, but i am also dreading that. one day...) and happy birthday! 35 wasn't too bad, now 36, that is over the hill (hence my grey hairs!) - but i can sympathize

  9. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Oh birthdays are not so bad! Haha! It's not so much of a doom I think. Happy Birthday nevertheless. It would be hard to forget of how you've been through but God is watching. Good day!

  10. Oh seriously, Sarah? You are NOT allowed to have a midlife crisis until you turn 40, or maybe 39. Mine started the minute I turned 39 - I couldn't stop thinking about turning 40. But 35 is still so young. You're still "in your thirties"!

    The bathroom looks great. I wish someone would come and paint mine. It's such a tiny, awkward space and when I painted it a couple of years ago, I made a complete mess. sigh.

    Cute little quilt drawing. How sweet that you framed it. Will you show us the pots when they're all painted?

    I find Mother's Day hard too. I have one child, wanted more but never 'got around to it' (if you can believe that), but mainly I just don't think I'm that good a mother so presents and cards seem a bit fake to me. No matter how sincere my daughter is in giving them to me, I'm not sure I deserve them.


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