Monday, May 10, 2010

A trip to the ped

Jack has a very small cough that turned into a very big cough over the weekend. So off we went to the ped at 8 30 this morning. The ped heard him wheezing in his chest and decided he needed not only a breathing treatment, but a chest x-ray. (For the record, Jack doesn't really have any allergy or asthma issues. He is the healthiest kid I have ever met. I am more than a bit baffled by this asthma talk, but it was a BAD allergy season here.)
Upon hearing he had to have an x-ray, his eyes got all wide and he said to me, "Mom. I have been swallowing my gum."

LOLOLOLOL I am sure he remembers the battery swallowing incident and he must have decided I was going to be able to see all the gum he had swallowed in his belly on the x-ray.

(And of course I had given him my best motherly lecture on never, ever, ever swallowing gum when I allowed him to start chewing gum around Christmas time. For the record, I came clean when I saw he was a bit scared about having swallowed gum and told him it was really no big deal.)

*He has taken to wearing his Dandy as a cape. When worn with his crown and his light saber he is "the king". And we must all obey. Ha. Kids. 5 is a great age.


  1. He has a beautiful smile. I hope he's feeling better and the xray was clear.
    Lol@ the gum swallowing.

  2. I hope Jack recovers quickly. Darling pics. Josie would enjoy his caped adventures.

  3. LOL! Jack is so funny! Hope he's feeling better soon.

  4. Hahah, I love that he had to confess. :) What a funny kid.

  5. Maybe you can use this to hold over his head for more things.

    Hope he is feeling better soon. A agree, this has been one heck of an allergy season. And, I don't normally even have allergies!

  6. Five is a great age. As I recall, six through 11 are pretty great, too. Twelve, maybe not so much, but every age (except possibly 14) has something to recommend it. I think the dandy as a cape is a big leap.

  7. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I think that a lot of the country has had a bad allergy season. Folks who they don't normally bother are having problems this year. I wouldn't jump to the asthma conclusion this year.
    He sure is a smart kiddo.

  8. Love a kid in a cape! I don't know if I was clear on FB but I shared the story of my similarly dreadful wheezing illness as confirmation as it *could* be a fluke virus. I didn't believe my doc when he suggested that!

  9. I love your cute little Jack stories Sarah -- he's adorable!


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