Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iowa quilt barns

I really meant to show you these photos more than a month ago, after we got back from Iowa.

I am, of course, totally smitten with quilt blocks on barns. We have some in Missouri too, up the river where my Dad lives.

What a charming way to celebrate quilters, eh?

I am starting to go stir crazy over here. The bleeding has stopped (perhaps on it's own, perhaps thanks to the progesterone, which makes me feel like ass), but I am still riding the couch.

I have another appointment on Monday where I hopefully will see that Thing 1 and Thing 2 (as I have taken to thinking of the babies) are still wriggling around and growing appropriately.

My mind is just too preoccupied to do any sewing or other crafting while I am sitting on the couch, hence the stir crazy. If all goes well on Monday perhaps I can convince myself this *is* okay and find something to do with myself!

In the meantime I'll be here. Watching a gazillion hours of horrible television.

And living vicariously through all of you as you go berry picking and swimming and garage saling (and bring home all that fabulous junk!).

Blah! :-)


  1. I love those barn quilts. I want to put one on the blacksmith's home place (his brother still farms it) However the brother keeps saying he is going to cover the barn.
    Maybe someday when I am older and grarier (Is that a word) I will do that.
    A long time ago I did a post on barn quilts too.
    While you're TV watching . . have you seen the blind side? We watched it this week, (thanks to the son and his nexflix) It's a good movie.
    Back to the sewing machine. I'm working on a baby quilt (shhh!! it's a secret for

    Take care,
    Here's a feather for ya

  2. I need to show this post to my mother (the quilter). I've never seen quilt barns. How fun. Best wishes with your couch sitting and Monday's upcoming doctor's appt.

  3. I am from Iowa and love the quilts on barns too! In fact, we have one on our barn!

    Come check out my blog for some barns I took photos of.

  4. Hang in there. Take it easy. I want to see pictures of these babies in a few months!

    I've never seen quilt blocks on barns before. Around here, a barn is living high if it has paint on it. They're usually unpainted wood and leaning a little to the left. LOL

  5. Enter my giveaway Momma, its a sure cheer me up!

    you are such a great Mom! p.s. I'm going crazy entertaining family!!

  6. Those are really neat - I've never seen them before! (Of course, there aren't any barns around here...)
    Hope you are enjoying some silly tv and resting well and Jack is entertained at preschool. (JT asks me multiple times a day, 'Now what?' I think he is trying to drive me crazy.)

  7. Loving those quilts - I've never seen that in the Northeast. I'm actually considering watching the World Cup this weekend because people seem to be so happy and celebratory ... should I be organizing a book drive for you or something? Take care!

  8. What great barns.
    Great to hear things are going okay, even if you are going stir crazy on that couch


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