Thursday, July 29, 2010

Come to mama

I *think* I might be feeling some of that "magical second trimester glow" business, since I have enough energy to finally live again. You know, do the important things like the laundry AND still be able to go to the flea market. LOL

And that is exactly what I did on Sunday. Our flea market has been pretty crappy this year and it is has been UNBELIEVABLY hot for so stinking long, but I had all these grand dreams of finding things for our new house this year, so I persevere.
I was almost at the end of the flea when I spotted this kind of wadded up in a box on the ground.

I have been wanting a "cheddar" (orange) quilt for two years now. I saw one 2 years back on one of those 100 mile yard sales we do twice a year, but the condition of it was just too rough for the money they were asking.

Cheddar quilts are crazy hard to come by! I have been searching everywhere (Ebay included) ever since. So when I spotted this I stood there sweating to death waiting and waiting for the dealer to return to tell me how much. (All the while desperately hoping I would be able to afford it.)

Let's just say the price was right, shall we? :-)

I *think* it is pretty old. I am NO good what-so-ever at dating fabrics pre-1930's, but I know some of you are. Perhaps you will weigh in?

I am thinking round about 1900.
I am pretty sure these are the infamous double pinks.
The purple throws me off a bit.
These look like homespun fabrics of some sort?
There are lots of shirting fabrics, but most of them are completely shattered. They are tan now, but perhaps they were greens?

It may or may not be the oldest quilt in my mostly 1930's+ quilt collection, but either way, I am totally in LOVE.


  1. Love it! So I was pretty lucky with that orange one I found?

  2. We need a vintage quilt/fabric glossary! So many terms I don't know--double pinks, shattered, why cheddar orange quilts are so rare & sought after.

    Is it so wrong that your quilt makes me hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich? ;)

  3. I like this pattern a lot, and I think it's interesting that the cheddar fabrics held up so well (they don't even look faded!) since many of the other fabrics are worn and faded. The border is wonderful -- the same block as the center, but smaller and turned on point -- very clever.

    It's really nice -- Ann Champion would be the one to ask about dating the fabrics.

  4. P.S. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and able to get out and about.

  5. Just catching up on your last few posts as I've been away.
    Fabulous to hear that you are doing so well.
    Love your quilt.

  6. Oooh, that orange is lovely. Glad you're out and about and finding good stuff!


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