Thursday, July 01, 2010


It is insanely hard to entertain Jack for 10 hours a day on his days off preschool while lying on the sofa.

Days like today are particularly bad - I am gagging my fool head off, I have been up half the night, and I have been having horrible sinus headaches.

A few things provide entertainment though:
He keeps adding props to his "king" outfit. (And then he spends hours chasing the cats trying to make them his "princesses" aka prisoners.)
Being at Goddard last year really sparked his love of building blocks. He is always asking me to buy him more blocks, and before this bed rest business started I picked up a sack full for 50 cents at a yard sale.

They keep him busy for hours.

Today it is rubber bands + blocks.

If I could yard sale I would look for more. (Blocks are crazy expensive on line and in the store!)
And I am still letting him play with my camera (which makes me a little nervous).
He swears this is a pear from the bradford pear tree.

It looks like a toxic mushroom in high speed to me. LOL

Only 7 hours until Dave gets home. Oy.


  1. Jack does seem like he could be pretty darn entertaining, without even trying! I'm betting that Jack and Dave are going to reenact the signing of the Declaration of Independence, for your July 4th entertainment!

  2. You need someone to come and "babysit" you for an hour or two a day. To paint your toenails. To listen to music with you. To play with and read to Jack. (do you have a local library for Dave to go check some books out?) You need some buddy visits. Wish I wasn't so far away.......(but then, I am not a good toenail painter. my husband is, tho)

    Keep resting - thinking happy thoughts - it'll all be so worth it!

  3. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I was thinking maybe it should be Jack's job to entertain you? That would keep him busy and keep his imagination going full speed. He is so creative.
    Maybe get videos at library about other countries. I mean hubby could pick them up. Do you have any friends near you? Definitely let Jack entertain himself as long as he will. Can you get out for a car ride with hubby driving. Sounds you need to get out of the house if you can.
    Remember the end will be worth all the rest. B.

  4. At least jack can play by himself as well as entertain you. Such fun playing with the blocks. He makes one cute king

  5. Sarah,
    We havent heard from you in a few days. Please just check in & let us know you are ok! Praying for you.

    Wendy Simmons


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