Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I am NOT blogging about

*The OB gave me some meds to stop the constant gagging. Said meds make me, well, have another incredibly problematic issue which has led to me being forced to eat a huge amount of the NASTIEST food on earth, aka bran muffins. Horse food I tell you. Gag.

*I still puked anyway.

*I now need a new trashcan because, well, I threw up in the trashcan and just the sight of it is enough to induce more puke. LOL

*The good news it that I can testify that if you eat enough fiber eventually the other problem does go away.

*Resuming the housework has led to some rather interesting *discoveries*. Like cat hair clogging up the dishwasher. (Disgusting, I know.) How the hell do you get cat hair in the dishwasher anyway? Ha.

There you have it. The big excitement you are NOT missing over here.

I am nearing the end of week 13 and am desperately hoping for some sort of golden second trimester where I can actually go to yard sales.

Or, you know, do something besides puke in the trashcans.


Happy Friday y'all.


  1. You should really see if you can take Metamucil. Orange taste would have to be better than Bran. YUCK

  2. Oh what a pain in the butt!!
    Fingers crossed that the start of the 2nd trimester brings less puke!!LOL

  3. :)

    That's all I've got for you.

    Oh and this. ;)

  4. yay! for the second trimester!! and seriously..yay for the puking. your pregnancy is strong! i know, doesnt it suck!
    anyway so glad to hear from you. glad to hear things are progressing...even the cat hair!

  5. I've been thinking about you. Hugs!!

  6. Been there.
    Done that.
    Bought the tee-shirt.
    Took me until 15 weeks every time to get past the "fun" stage (who says 13 weeks anyways?)
    Buy all new trashcans when this is over so you have NO reminders!
    I'll be praying for relief.
    It will be worth it... just stay hydrated, no matter what!

  7. Nothing exciting here, either. Just wanted to let you know I still keeping good thoughts for you! I'll remember to think, NO PUKE!

  8. Think Fiber One Bars. Way better tasting than nasty bran muffins and tons of fiber. You may also want to check with your OBGYN on a Prenatel vitamin with stool softner. Good Luck!


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