Friday, July 23, 2010

Three strikes

I swear that lately I have been boring even *myself* to death.

So yesterday Jack and I hit up the thrift stores. Three stores, in the 100 degree heat. What did I buy?
A tablecloth.

Yes, it is a lovely one. But really? 2 hours, 3 thrifts, and I can only find a tablecloth?

So this morning I decided I should hit the old stomping grounds. Travel far and wide where the junk was sure to be better.

I went to THREE estate sales.

What did I buy?
A pot.
And a doorknob. (Yes, it is humid.)

Sure, that's the last doorknob I needed to actually get doorknobs on the doors of the new house. As soon as I come up with a million dollars to buy all the retrofit kits that is.

But really?

Nearly 80 miles roundtrip, 3 estate sales, more of that 100 degree heat and I got a pot and a doorknob.

That's three strikes for me and I am OUT. Not even going to bother with yard sales tomorrow.

Nope. Not even going to look at the ads.


Happy Friday to you!


  1. Sounds about like my kind of luck lately. I think it's just too darn hot.

  2. Look at the Ad's if it is that HOT you might not have the same competition You Go Girl!! oxox, Diane

  3. We don't always find loads of treasures..but there's the thrill of the hunt! :)
    I remember years ago when we had an old farm house that came with no interior doors. Finding doors..and those wonderful old knobs was such a thrill! You did good..just don't push yourself in the heat. :)

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    It's all about the huntin' & lookin'! Glad you are up and about and growing that baby!
    Renee in Austin, TX

  5. We haven't been having much luck, either, but this week things perked up. First -- I was reunited with my beloved gnome lamp. Then my son found an awesome vintage metal tackle box for $4 and I got a bagful of quilt binding and other sewing notions for $3.76 at the thrift shop (they were cheap to begin with and it was half-off week!). A gorgeous set of vintage sheets for 1.99. Plus two cute jelly jars. Mostly small victories, but I'll take them. And I will not calculate how much time and money I spent pursuing them!

  6. But it's three GOOD things. Think of it as clutter control on the front end!

  7. I was thinking what Heidi said - three GOOD things beats a bunch of "Eh" things any day.

    Happy Christmas in July!

  8. You actually have me beat! Last Thursday I went to the sales...spent 4 hours out??? Came home with a bag of hankies. That was all for me! I did buy 7 Littlest Pet Shop figures for my daughter. All day I spent $2. I wonder how much if I include the gas! Eeek!

    It has to get better, right? Can't get any worse?


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