Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And just like that

And just like that,
my sweet little baby,
my curious toddler,
my mischievous two year old,
my only sometimes cooperative three year old,
my four year old show off,
my bright and interested five year old,
is off to kindergarten.

At the elementary school.


P.S. Look at that kid! What a beautiful kid he is. When I see those photos I totally remember why I am desperate to have another. I love him more than is humanly possible. :-)

P.P.S. For the most part I am totally cool with him going to kindy. Dave and I try very hard to raise Jack with the goal of raising a great human being who is moving forward in the world. We try hard to not hang on to the past, no matter how tempting it might be. And frankly, much of the time what's been ahead has been cooler than what was behind anyway.

P.P.P.S. (LOL) I love my blog too. It has not always been easy to keep this thing going, to take the pictures, to tell the stories, to invest the time and energy. But this little web place holds so much of our story, of life with Jack, and it is so darn easy to come here and find it all. It has become an awesome gift to myself.


  1. You know, I like the fact of keeping a blog too. So many times I go back to look something up.
    And that Jack, what a cutie he is. I hope he loves school!!!

  2. So sweet. How fun to see back through all the different ages/stages. I might have to steal your idea for an Emma post. She starts junior high soon.

  3. Soon you'll have to name it "The Misadventures of Momma and Jack and ...."!!!

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Best wishes and prayers for your appointment tomorrow.

    Jack is a beautiful little boy.

    My "little boy" is off to college to begin his sophmore year. But I remember his first day at kindergarten as if it were yesterday.

    Andrea in Calif

  5. Always wonderful to see the photos of Jack. He is just the cutest little thing!!!! My babies are 39, 42 and 45. I still remember, and smile about, their first days of kindy.

    Sniff.................thanks for the memories.

  6. Awww, what a cutie! Young mothers now are SO lucky to have blogs -- I really wish we'd had such a thing when my boys were little. It's not always easy, but it's much easier than doing paper pictures and writing journals. Good Luck to Jack in his new school year!

  7. I don't know you and I only look at your blog from time to time, but I've been following you off and on for years. I just wanted to say hello and congratulations on your new little one. I was in similar shoes several years ago...I was pregnant with my second baby after 3 miscarriages back-to-back and my 4th all together and I was scared to death, but here I am four years later with the most beautiful little girl. Best wishes to you.

  8. He looks great and so ready! I hope he has a blast. As for blogs, ours has become our baby book. Now with Norah, I often look back at Katrina's pictures to reminisce and to see just how similar the two girls are. Its loads of fun to have these memories at my fingertips!


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