Monday, August 30, 2010

Dreaming, a little.

Miss Thing is still not moving around in there a lot, at least not that I can feel. At 20 weeks I thought for sure by now I would have her reassuring little thumps to keep me company more regularly. Either way, time is marching on and I figured it was time to start letting go of the fear (or at least try to) and start planning.

Maybe even dream just a little.

I am still in love with the lavender/jadeite green combo. So when I saw this quilt on fleabay while searching for doll quilts, I knew I wanted it.
The description was seriously vague, but the price was right.

It's in better condition than I expected. (Which means I will NOT be cutting it up to use as one of the doll quilts for the mini quilt wall!)
The prints are really faded, but they are the perfect pink/purple/green combination.
Now I am stewing on how I might like to display it in Miss Thing's room.

After we went to lunch last week and bought her a dandy of her own, Jack and I went into Babies R Us and set up a super tiny registry. (Which I really only did because they gave me a free gift card for doing so.)

They give you a book of "everything you need to have a baby" (or so they think) and I sat down with it Friday night and crossed off everything I think is unnecessary and all the things I kept from Jack. I was left with a list of things to start looking for secondhand.

Bright and early Saturday morning I plugged in a list of "BABY" garage sales and set off without the boys to see what I could find. It seems like when you are looking for baby junk the yard sales are really either disgusting, old, stained, horrible trash or you hit the mother lode.

I did manage to find one good sale Saturday (mostly clothes, not a lot of the practical stuff on my list).

Look at what she sold me for a dollar. Cherry Robeez. Jack lived in Robeez for nearly 2 years.

Ack, I could die from the cuteness. (If only they were a bigger size! Tiny babies don't really need shoes, now do they?)

Perhaps I am coming around to this girl thing after all. :-) (Another redhead would be wonderful though!)


  1. I know I sold Gina's cherry Robeez, but I need to go check and see what soft shoes of her's I still have. I think I have some green daisy ones still and probably a white pair and a pink pair. :)

  2. That quilt is lovely and those cherry shoes are precious. Girly clothes and accessories are just so much fun!!!

  3. for the record my last pregnancy i didnt feel much until about 26 weeks or so because my placenta was anterior (or on the top of my uteres). so i bet you will start feeling her pretty regularly soon. with this one (#6) - i didnt feel him regularly until about 22 weeks. i did feel him move around 9 weeks - i know people say that isnt possible but i have always been way intune to my pregnancies & i do feel the babies early...maybe not regular. anyway beautiful little shoes. i love those shoes for all my easy. glad you are feeling less fearful & walking in faith & confidence.

  4. Those cherry shoes are too cute and I love that quilt! The colors are perfect! Plenty of babies don't move too much, two of mine didn't- only one was a kick boxer in my tummy and it was the first one which of course made me worry when the other two were so relaxed in there.

  5. those cherries are very sweet. i had hoped for a girl to enjoy something other than cars, dinosaurs or trains, but oh well! i will have to live vicariously through you, so I have high hopes for Miss Thing!

  6. Ooo love the shoes and the quilt! What about finding a large shabby white frame and removing the glass? Hmm . . . so that's the color theme? I have so many ideas of what to make for you! I'll be breaking out my favorite baby books soon. (and for not having any babies myself I sure do have a lot of crafting for baby books!)

  7. Cute shoes Ms. Sarah. And that quilt! Wow! Boy, are you ever going to have some fun!!!

  8. Nice quilt and shoes too! I was fantasizing about a red head too, but for my girl. My mom is very red so it's always a chance though recessive for us. I'm so excited for you. i can send you the partial feedsack i have that is lavendar if you want...let me know.

  9. you are going to totally die from cute overload now that you are really dreaming and looking. so much cute girl stuff out there! glad you are dreaming...

  10. shoes help keep socks on in the winter. so yeah, TOTAL NECESSITY.

  11. Sadie had those exact same Robeez as a newborn. Love!

  12. Funny you say Miss Thing not feeling her moving around much - my daughter Amy due 1st December 2nd baby doesn't feel much either, the doctor says it's because she has a large placenta..
    Then there is my future dauhgter in law due 22nd December has lots movement, my other future daughter in law is not so lucky - she is 12 weeks today and has had 2 bleeds latest yesterday - thankfully ultrasound still shows a heart beat. Fingers crossed for her and my son.

  13. your find are adorable... but I have a question about your acorns ( on your banner). I have found only one tree nearby ( in Oak Grove) that has acorns like these. Do you know what kind they are?


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