Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quotes from a kindergarten teacher

As Dave and I pulled up to pick up Jack this afternoon, his teacher came over to the van.

"You didn't tell me what a smart and bright little boy he is!"
We both laughed.
"Umm, well, we were keeping it a secret." Joke. Kind of. (Except for the entire internet universe, of course.)
"That's okay. A lot of times parents will say that and it isn't always true..."
More laughing on my part. That's kind of why I don't bring it up, I remember those days from teaching myself. "If it is true it shows itself quickly anyway."

It's okay Mrs Kindy, I trust you can sort it out. Besides, Jack isn't *any* kid, he can't hide it for long!


  1. Sounds like Day #1 went pretty well.

  2. Now she knows what we already knew.
    He's sweet AND clever.

  3. oh how sweet. So happy its working out fo you.

  4. This Tuesday Mimi is off too!! I hope her first day goes great and our oldest will be having his first in high school!!! scary.

  5. i really cannot believe he is in did that happen?


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