Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's a gray Thursday morning and I am sitting here tossing around baby room ideas.
I bought this sleeping bag at the fabric yard sale a few weeks ago. I can't decide whether to take it apart for the super cute fabric or leave it be.
It sure seems like this fabric could be put to better use. A crib skirt perhaps? Basket liners?
I bought this pottery barn kids bumper off Craigslist on a whim. It was NOT on my list (because really, a bumper is not a useful, needed item and is controversial at best). But that patchwork on it called to me. The colors are fairly bright and funky (that is not my photo, btw).

And then when I was browsing Urban Outfitters this morning I had a little flash of inspiration. I could leave that room painted white and add:
this super fun feedsack printed rug and

this funky chandelier.

Combine that with a wall of mini quilts, and I think I could have a full on patchwork theme.

It's not at all the direction I thought I would go in. But I think that since the rest of our house is pretty frilly/fluffy/pink/girly I want something different.

What do you think?


  1. I love the idea of your funky chandelier and quilts all over the wall. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. Love your ideas! I used a crib bumper to make valances for my nursery.

  3. I REALLY like that rug and chandelier.

  4. As controversial as bumper pads are, I used them for all six of my kids. I think they are cute and useful for babies who roll frequently. (And it's an adorable bumper! You should totally use it.)

  5. leave the sleeping bag, save it for little girl to use when she goes to sleep overs:) Love the bumper!

  6. What someone else said about saving the sleeping bag for a sleeping bag. They do come in handy.
    What color on the walls?

  7. I love the eclectic look! So cute and different. So fun to decorate around. Now you need a totally cool mobile to match the bright colors.

    I love it!!!!!! Go girl. The brain is working GOOOOOOD.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I did the same thing with my youngest--picked up a (different) PB Kids patchwork-style bumper at Goodwill even though we weren't crib bumper users, and then it sort of kicked off the colors of the room accessories. I tied it to the crib slats all the way around BELOW her crib mattress to make a sort of straight crib skirt. Now that she is heading for a regular bed, I was thinking of cutting the bumper to make valances per some tutorial I saw linked to on some blog... hmm, just need to find it again...
    Love that chandelier!!! was that at UO too?

  9. I made a bumper as I was sewing the rest of the nursery linens (sheets, crib skirt, curtains, etc) because I couldn't resist...and it worked out great - the crib looked adorable and she has never, ever, ever agreed to sleep in it, so no safety issue ;)

  10. very cute! I'm making a bumper because I'm so tired of Kit's leg getting stuck while she sleeps and then her waking up screaming from her nap. Mine is patchwork also.

    Love that rug!

  11. i think it should be my room. love it so much and its not the cookie cutter little girl's room!


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