Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The first gift

Last week a beautiful little package arrived on the porch from April . This sweet little doll quilt was among the other things inside of it.

Miss Thing's very first gift.

I cried when I saw it.

Those of you who have been hanging around here with us for awhile know that we have a long (and ridiculous) saga with our families. I don't spend much time thinking about it (I am happy that we have a quiet life without the drama, my own childhood was so tumultuous and I don't want that for my kids), but once in awhile it strikes me that aside from my very small family and our friends we will be celebrating the arrival of Miss Thing with a very limited group of people.

Knowing that so many of you have shared in the journey to get her here, and that you are both celebrating and rooting for her, brings me much joy.

I want her to know that part of her story includes all of you. That there is something to be said for coming together as women, to share our journeys to motherhood (and through motherhood), that helps to create the ties the bind.

That sharing, that giving, has helped make this part (which has ultimately been the hardest thing I have done thus far) a journey of hope and ultimately one of faith, instead of one of grief and despair.

Her first gift is so much more than a package in the mail. It's a lasting gift. A hand extended across the miles. And so much more.

Thank you.


  1. So glad you like it:)
    I bought that YEARS ago, and it's been in just about every antique booth I've had. But for some reason it never sold. Even on super sale. Then I had read on FB that you were looking for one, right before I went out to price stuff for my garage sale. And there it was!
    So it was totally MEANT to be hers:)

  2. We don't have anything to do with most of my family and little to do with my husband's family. What I've learned over the years (esp this last one) is that friends are the family you choose for yourself.
    What a sweet gift.

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    My prayers are with you every day. I have a Jack and I have had many many trials in my life. I am without a family now except for my 2 boys. I have worried all day today for your Jack and I have prayed for your daughter since you have blogged about your new pregnancy. My happy thoughts are always with your family even though I only hear of your life from the computer. Take care. If I run across any doll quilts I will send them your way. Judy


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