Sunday, September 26, 2010

I had to have it

Another doll quilt.

From Ebay this time.

And kind of outrageously expensive. (Let's just say that on a good day I could buy 2 full sized quilts for that price around here.)

But I had to have it.


  1. I understand what that's like! I have an idea: why not organize a doll quilt swap? You're so good at organizing the Valentines swap-- maybe each person would make 2/get two, or something? I dunno if that's too much to organize. There's a swap that I follow( ) but it's too late to get into the "game" .... plus you have lots of blog traffic. I'd be game.

  2. I meant to add this link: so you'd see the other swap.

  3. That's so funny -- I was watching that cute little quilt on ebay. I'm so glad it was you who won!


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