Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just fun

I have to say there is not a whole lot of Halloween stuff this year that makes me drool. I have tried every store imaginable and only 3 new things have come home with me.

I did manage to find these window clings at Dollar Tree and thought they were super cute.

Is everyone watching The Nate Show yet? I think I am in love! (And I never thought he was all that before this show started.) It certainly fills the void that Martha used to fill in morning television. (Her show is a total snoooooooooooze fest for me now. WAY WAY too much cooking and too much gardening and too much, I don't know, boring stuff. Ha.)


  1. Those are adorable, and I completely agree...I am so disapointed in the things I have seen for fave holiday! I have got to watch the Nate show, my friends son is going to be on there next week making cookies! I agree about Martha too, she used to do so many crafts...and now it's all cooking and gardening.

  2. Now, I need to run to the Dollar Tree! Those graphics are adorable! I've given up on Martha completely. This weekend the orange and black comes out in full force. I'm changing up my blog header tonight too.

  3. I have put out my fall decor but will wait on Halloween stuff. I too love the Nate show, he seems so real.
    Take care!

  4. Target had a few retro style halloween things that were cute.

    I'm totally with you on the topic of Martha's show. I miss the old format still.


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