Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Linens, linens, linens

It seems like linens are all I can manage to find when junking right now. I want Halloween or Christmas! :-)

Oh well, I will take what I can get.
This doesn't look like much from far away...
but it is the sweetest handmade bedspread in the perfect shade of lavender.
I bought this because I am hoping this fabric will work as a crib skirt, but what on earth is it?
It is big enough to be a duvet cover, but that hole in the middle certainly is strange.
This chenille spread is the first thing I bought on the 61 mile yard sale on Friday. It screamed out that it wanted to be a rocking chair slipcover.
And as luck would have it, I did find a rocking chair on the 61 sale. This is now destined for the scissors, as that chair needs new cushions. (It looks pretty good in the photo, but there is a big hole and chenille loss and a rust stain too.)
This also came from the 61 sale.

Totally useless, and I already have one other baby chenille spread, but it was 50 cents or something crazy. So home it came.

Now back to those mini quilts and Halloween projects and basement remodels with me.


  1. I swear woman, you live in the linen hotspot of the world!!! I rarely find linens at great prices around here.
    I couldn't have passed up that baby chenille one either, especially at that price.
    As for the one with the hole, my first guess would have been duvet cover too, maybe that is how they stuffed the quilt in, and then they didn't have any open edges to close around the sides.

  2. You are one lucky girl to find so many linens. I can't wait to see how the rocker turns out!!

    I've definitely got Halloween on the brain...see blog.

  3. I agree with Tiff. You're in the quilt and linen hotspot for sure! I strongly feel that chenille should always be rescued, especially if it's cheap and as cute as that one with the puppies on it!

  4. If it wasn't an urban legend, I would offer this as an explanation of the sheet with the hole in it :)

  5. Loving the chenille. Do you think maybe that's a duvet cover that was inserted from the center because they were tired of wrestling it in from the end? Oh, wait. I'm reading the other comments and my suggestion is not original.

  6. sometimes duvet covers in austria had triangular openings on the top - i guess if you have a pretty duvet, you wouldn't mind it showing. then again, they also tend to fold up the devets over the beds rather than smoothing them out. :)
    you are a linen magnet! i hardly even bother looking anymore...

  7. Sarah you find such great things.
    That hole one reminds me of the christmas tree skirts but it probably isn't what it is


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