Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini Quilt number one

Since I have found myself unwilling to pay the prices that vintage doll quilts fetch on Ebay and am still not having much luck finding them locally, I decided to use some of the random quilt blocks I have in a box in the sewing room and make mini quilts for Miss Thing's room from them.
I started with blocks that looked like this. Baskets of some sort, maybe?
Trimmed them up, put four of them together, et voila! a 14 x 14 doll quilt. (After quilting and binding of course.)
Some of the fabrics are super sweet. (Never mind that fuzz ball that snuck in there!)

The little bunnies on the blue kill me with cuteness.

One quilt down, many to go.

Now I have 4 big bins of Halloween stuff waiting for me before I finish the next one. (A yo-yo quilt this time. The yo-yo's are done already, thanks to boring television.)


  1. I finally have your blanket washed now I just have to find a box and get it in the mail for you. I have a bunch of 2x2 squares that I found at a free estate "sale" that I can send with the blanket if you want. Let me know.

  2. What do you think is a good price for a doll quilt on a place like etsy? I may be opening a shop with my sisters and my son has been making a lot of doll quilts. We see prices all over the map so I would like to hear an opinion from a person whose standards I share.

  3. Your quilt is so sweet. I can't wait to see your nursery. And you KNOW I love all your Halloween goodies!!

  4. The quilt is so sweet! Miss Thing's room is going to be one of a kind, with your handmade touches throughout!

  5. Oh Sarah that is so cute


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