Monday, September 06, 2010

Spray paint a feather tree

Things have been busy, busy over here. Dave and I went on our annual 61 mile yard sale on Friday. We bought a lot of stuff, but mostly stuff for Miss Thing or Jack. (When I saw the price of stuff in the baby store I really did freak out, and then I got serious about buying everything possible/reasonable second hand. I am making good progress on my list, and for very little money. Well, until I went and bought that rug and that chandelier and umm, curtains too, from Urban Outfitters.)

All of this preparation for Miss Thing includes remodeling (finishing really) part of our basement to make it into one giant playroom/family room. The current playroom will be housing the new baby and as we are acquiring lots of baby things I need a place to put them! (Which has also meant selling a lot of unneeded stuff on Craigslist. We have never unpacked the stuff in the basement and there is so.much.stuff down there we really do not need.)

So, while Dave has been working very hard down there and I was selling things I realized I still had like 4 unused white feather trees down there. You know the tree, you see it often:
white and shabby with pretty little roses.
Several years ago I bought 10 or 12 of those trees when I found them insanely cheap at a discount place. (Think pocket change cheap.) At first I thought I would sell them on Ebay, they are pretty easy to ship, but blah, too much work. I have gifted them, traded them, and tried to no avail to sell them via Craigslist. ($15 for a real feather tree? COME ON PEOPLE! It's cheap!)

With all things Halloween on the brain, I had a moment of brilliance today.
Spray paint one of the trees!

Voila, the black feather tree for Halloween that I have dreamed of buying for many, many years but have never been able to fork over the money for. (Goodness, my pink feather tree was so bloody expensive.)

And it worked very well.

One tree out of the basement + 30 minutes snipping off roses + one can of $3 spray paint (already in the garage from another Halloween project I am working on) + 20 minutes of time = the start of the Halloween madness.

(edited because the trees were all spoken for rather quickly.)


  1. Looks great! Last year I spray painted some funny statues from the thrift black -- great gothic effect!

  2. How cool! Now aren't you glad you tried it?

  3. Gotta love spray paint! Good job!

  4. Trade what? I'm in.

  5. I love feather trees! I finally lucked out and found a pink one half price after Christmas last year, but I would still love to find an affordable white one! Love how yours looks in black, too!

  6. I LOVE your black feather tree. It's brilliant! I've been using this long weekend to whip up some Halloween crafts. You've totally turned me onto thrift stores. I'll be showing off a few goodies later. Have a super week. I can't wait to see your nursery and new play room.

  7. Well I guess I've been away from blogland for longer than I thought - congratulations on your good little girl news!
    And brilliant idea spraying that tree - I think a Halloween tree would be so much fun to decorate - have fun!
    : )

  8. OK, I want a black halloween tree. What do have to do?

  9. OOOO i want to trade! what are you looking for? email me

  10. I want to trade, too! Maybe I could make a doll quilt for your wall?

  11. Better late then not, if you have a tree left, tell me what I can aquire to trade you!!

  12. Love the black tree. Maybe Jack can help decorate it. What a darling idea.

    Be sure to check your local Goodwill for goodies. So many people are "cleaning their shelves". The buys there are simply outrageous. Everything gets painted black at my house. LOL. Be sure to check online for discount coupons too.

    I love recycling!!!! Repurposing.

    Now I am going to take a second look at some of my old trees......I'm sure I can find one that screams "spray me". Great idea.


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