Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sweet baby things

My girlfriend and I went to the flea bright and early on Sunday morning. Frankly the flea is not so great this year. It's a struggle to find anything to buy!

We were on our way back to the vans when I happened to spot a box crammed full of fabric. I had a rummage through it and realized it was old* baby clothes. I already have a small collection of these (you've seen some of them in the laundry room on the clothesline), and she wanted $10 for the box. I decided to risk it, even though they were really, really, dirty and stained and perhaps ruined.

I should have taken a before photo, but with fall quickly closing in, I was rushing to take advantage of the bright hot sun that day to do some bleaching.
There are 20 pieces worth keeping. Several of these dresses...
with precious details. (This dress is actually green, but the blue of the door overwhelms it.)
This christening gown is part of the reason I decided to take a chance on the box.
It was one of the things on my list to find.
But *this* is what really sold me. I LOVE that little lamb.
And then I got home and found this bunny. SQUEAL.

And the duckies! Oh man, too much cuteness.

And what amazing care and time they used to take making tiny baby things. Quite a difference from the stuff we buy today.

Several of these are destined for frames in Miss Thing's nursery.

Maybe the flea wasn't so bad after all this week. :-)

*Most of these are tagged handmade in the Phillipines. I have two similiar dresses that were my mom's, so I am fairly sure they date to the 1950's.


  1. Totally, totally perfect find for you. I love all those little embroidered details!

  2. Darling items. So sweet!

  3. So sweet. So beautiful.

  4. Now I feel old. MY baby clothes were dated in the 50's LOL

  5. So sweet. I love all the little hand-stitched touches.

  6. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Cute! So worth the hunt for them! I saw a dress similar to the christening gown for sale in a little shop full of vintage American linens etc (like your flea market style only 50000x more expensive) for $70.

  7. Oh, that bunny! Any one of those in a frame would be great. (Love that Urban Outfitters rug, too. I went to my first Urban Outfitters Monday but did not see a rug - will look online!)

  8. Oh what sweet pieces. They were a fabulous find

  9. Sooo sweet! I'm jonesing for the flea. I may go this Sunday? Of course I really should run my errands and clean my house. :) Love your 61 finds, too!


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