Thursday, September 30, 2010

This one took forever

I've been looking for a gurley candle forever. It's hard to believe that with all the holiday stuff I have that I have not managed to find a single one.

After years and years of looking at every cheesy holiday candle known to man, I finally have one.
And a cute one at that.

This is the only way I knew it was a gurley though.

It will probably take me another 10 years to find the second one!


  1. look what I found:

  2. Very cute Sarah. I've never even heard of a Gurley candle -- must go check out!

  3. Anything old Halloween is so hard to find! But keep at it. They pop up when you least expect them.

  4. That is an excellent candle. Here's my theory: some areas of the country are just better than others for certain items. Don't hate me for this, but there are so many Gurley candles around here that I can be pretty picky. (They were made in Buffalo NY, about 3 hours away, so not surprising.) YOU, on the other hand, live in the feedsack/quilt capital of the country - so where would you rather be?


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