Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The worry.

I had planned to post plenty of other things, but Jack is really quite ill. He has had some sinus problems for nearly 20 days now. I took him to the ped at 9 days out and he started taking Omnicef for a sinus infection. Last Friday he developed a bad ear infection. We saw the ped again. Then yesterday he started getting a very itchy rash all over his body.

By this morning he has done nothing but cry for 2 days.

He is now having a severe reaction to the Omnicef which has left him with really bad hives all over his body and excruciating joint pain (which means he cannot walk).

Oh yea, and now he has double ear infections and still has the sinus problem.

We've been to the ped for the third time in 10 days, he is now taking a ridiculous amount of medicines and me? FREAKING OUT.

So. I will be back when I can get a grip.


  1. Will be thinking good thoughts for you guys...

  2. We went through the hives with medicine too. Just hold on Mama and it will get better!

  3. Nasty virus going around here that had miss thing out for a week with a fever and sore throat, only to pass it along to her dad. She was a much better sick I have to say and after listening to him complain for a few days, told him to 'suck it up' because she did.
    I took her out for ice cream for dinner Friday night as a treat just for that. Sick anyone stinks. Hang in there. Today is our first day since before Labor Day that everyone went to work and school.

  4. Thinking get well thoughts for you all. Sinus problems are awful for kids. One of my sons is always more likely to get at least one a year. And my oldest gets the allergic reaction too. Awful.
    Have you tried the saline rinse for his sinuses? I know it may feel awful in the beginning but it really does help. When my boys get too congested in the head, I have them use the "Simply Saline" you can get in Walmart or other places and have them squirt it up their nose and then blow the stuff out. It will help to clear all the junk out of there and even tho they do complain, they agree it does really help! I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Thinking of your family and hoping each day gets better. Poor Jack. Poor Mama.

  6. Poor little bug (and mom too!). I will be praying that all is better soon.

  7. Poor babies - Jack especially, and all of you. Ditto on the saline rinse, once you get this round of illness under control. I'm generally skeptical of home remedies, but it's astonishingly helpful. Wishing you good luck and good health.

  8. I'm so sorry Jack is so sick. :(


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