Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lessons from maternity wear

I am a somewhat simple girl. I own 4 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts (all the same shorts), a handful of tee shirts, a few sweaters and 5 pairs of the exact same pajamas. Oh, and a funeral dress.

I do not consider myself high maintenance.

I wear the same uniform every day - jeans and tee shirt or shorts and tee shirt.

Maternity clothes are making me INSANE.

I do not remember this drama when I was pregnant with Jack. In fact, it was being pregnant with Jack that taught me the most valuable lesson of exactly how little clothing a girl needs to survive. I got rid of everything else and never looked back.

I sacrificed a pair of pants to make myself a pair of maternity pants while waiting on yet another set of maternity jeans to arrive from Ebay. (The first order from Old Navy was immediately rejected. Yes, I am pregnant. NO, I am not harboring the goodyear blimp in my ass.)

Oh sure I can sew. I can make quilts and curtains and things for little people.

But I hate sewing clothes. I followed the tutorial and they look good, but holy moses do not take more than 2 steps or your pants will be around your ankles.

Clearly, I am HIGH MAINTENANCE because I need pants that fit ladies!

The lesson of the day is obviously this:
No matter how swell the sweet baby at the end may be, getting to the finish line after spending the winter naked is less than desirable.


*Yes, I know all about those rubber bands, belly bands, etc. I don't like them. I need my clothes to be on "properly"! See that high maintenance thing above.


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I remember those days- a kind friend loaned me a few things . One was low rise maternity jeans. I wonder why the designer of these crazy pants didn't understand that anything that sits under "the bump" will be constantly sliding farther south. Anything tight enough not to immediately head floor-ward will a. be very uncomfortable even if strethchy b. be too small in about 2 weeks. I went back to my old (old old) jeans that thankfully I'd kept from the previous pregnancy-Uber ugly ( 1 chambray - 1 acid wash from the early 90's ) A friend had given me her mat clothes after she was done having babes- My kids aren't quite THAT far apart. I worked in an office so spent the rest of my work time in the same 3 or 4 dresses & wore yoga pants, the UUUgly jeans & my hubby's XXL t- shirts on days off-I guess the high point ( for me anyway) was that I only wore the actualy Big stuff for 4 months or so & that everyone I knew had the courtesy, (or wisdom :) not to make nasty comments about my clothes. - Hang in -Dee in BC.

  2. I don't think in 2 pregnancies I EVER found a pair of long pants that fit! Lucky for me this last time I was PG during summer so I wore skirts a lot. I had a few pairs of capris that I bought from the thrift store that came from Kohl's that actually stayed up. I even went to Kohl's and bought another pair once I figured out where they were from. But I never did have any jeans or khakis that would stay up.

  3. I hit the children's resale shops-they usually have a maternity section. Of course, I had to hem (pay to hem) every pair of pants because when you're pregant your legs get really long. /sarcasm

    I preferred over the belly pants myself because they stayed where I wanted them.

    I bought v. few new clothes-mostly for work. Penney's had some nice and inexpensive tents. LOL

  4. Have you tried the goodwill? Ours all have entire aisles of maternity clothes now, most of them look brand new!

  5. oh man i am with you on this post. i have 2 pair of maternity pants right now that i will actually wear & one pair of maternity leggings that i wear under skirts. i have the unfortunate problem with diabetes & insulin shots & with that comes major swelling so I have elephant legs at this point so my pants must be about 2 sizes larger than my actually size. my butt isnt any bigger...just my swollen legs from midthigh down to my no existent ankles & my huge, carrying extra fluid belly. & i have to hem everything also. target was the best bet for me. their liz lange stuff is decent & holds up well without breaking the bank. not motherhood. not old navy but target. i am at the beginning of 8 months & am going to grin & bear it & be thankful for the clothes that i have. i'm praying that my legs dont swell anymore as i cant stand the constricted feeling. i have 2pair of jeans. 2 pair of capris (as we are still get mid 70's weather) & about 7 short shirts & about 3 long sleeved shirts that I will actually wear. all the pants are over the belly as i can not stand the under the belly pants slipping down. ugh! i hope for you that you will find something you can function in.

  6. When I was pregnant in the distant past, my favorite maternity clothes were from Target and I had one pair of maternity jeans that had the whole belly covered (i don't remember where I ordered these) and it would expand as my belly expanded. They were made from recycled jeans and they were the best. I wore them for two pregnancies and they were very comfortable.

  7. Old Navy maternity clothes really only fit for the first trimester. If you're lucky, maybe close to the end of the second. If I hadn't given all mine away, I'd send you a box. I ended up finding maternity sweatpants that I lived in at Target. And I bought them extra big, so they were extra comfy all the way up until the end.

  8. My favorite maternity jeans are the ones that fit under the belly from Motherhood Maternity!

  9. The best pair of jeans (also daily worn around here) that I found were from the GAP. Yes, they were expensive, but they made my butt look great and have high resale value. Also, black yoga pants from Target worked very well for me. Good luck!


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