Monday, October 25, 2010

On the fifth day of Halloween

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:

Some works in progress.
I bought this glittery Christmas house at a yard sale a year or so ago thinking I would fix it up for Christmas. When I was thinking about how to fix the top which is a little crunched in I had a revelation -
leave it crunched in and make it a haunted house. I just spray painted right over the glitter and added velum windows. A battery tea light inside lights it up.

It is totally not finished, I have grand plans for inhabitants, but I cannot see it happening this year.
This is what the laundry room looked after we moved in. It was fine, except as I showed you a few days ago those hampers and cubbies became a GIANT mountain of crap that never ended.

I got the idea that I wanted to put a dresser there instead, which David was not very supportive of. (He dreams of some kind of bench + lockers there.) I finally stumbled on a garage sale dresser that would work.
Three coats of my free quart of Glidden paint and the mess is tidy now. The drawers are full of little cubbies that hold hats and mittens and sunglasses and swimming gear and scarves and all that other stuff that has no home.
I like the detail on the hardware, so I just spray painted it. You should know if you do that it is NOT a permanent fix, it does come off easily. But I can live with that.
This is not a before of that particular dresser, but another matching one that was already in my closet, just to give you an idea of what it looked like. (Complete with ordinary closet mess*.)

And with 6 days to go I have started the Halloween costume. Which I am returning to as soon as I hit publish. :-)

*I bought those wicker lamp shades at IKEA the last time we went. APPARENTLY I didn't buy all the parts? (Sometimes that place is confusing.) So they won't work on a lamp. IKEA is 6 hours away, the lamp shades weren't really all that cheap and I can't use them. That BITES.


  1. Love the haunted house. Genius. I really like the color of your laundry room dresser. Looking good. Our hooks/bench in our new mudroom have become a dumping ground. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful addition to our house, but I seriously need to weed through the coats and purge...especially before the Halloween party! Yikes~

  2. I love the dresser. And now all that stuff does have a home.

    I have a one ikea lamp + lampshade, and recently I bought a second shade to update an old base from target and it was a fail. I think the lampshades only work on Ikea lamp bases. Granted my study sample is admittedly very small.

  3. I continue to be very jealous of your laundry room, even more so now with that pretty dresser. Lowe's sells odd lamp parts (I've come home without many a finial) so maybe you could look there for the missing Ikea part? (Or, sadly, maybe they only do work on Ikea bases.)

  4. I adore your days of Halloween!
    Love the house, love all the projects.


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