Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the fourth day of Halloween

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:

One INSANE sixth birthday party (Halloween carnival theme this year) complete with -
a flowery cake (Costco had NO Halloween cakes and Jack picked this one over a birthday one, which caused everyone to ask me what kind of cake that was. Ummm, a cake my kid picked out?);
pin the nose on the pumpkin (kids loved this);
pumpkin painting (always a big hit);
tattoo station (also always a hit);
mystery bowls (declared GROSS by most);
candy corn guessing (great for the math kids);
haunted house building (mostly used for kicking around the yard, and they were a crazy amount of work, totally not worth it);

this was the balance "scream" and it was supposed to be in a swamp, but I lost the darn swamp fabric (it was a total waste too anyway, hardly used);

there was also ghost bowling (didn't work well in the grass) and a bone collector game (paint dog bones white, hide in the yard, mark one WINNER) which the kids did enjoy.

A carnival food of course - caramel apples, hot dogs and popcorn.

It was HOT. More than 80 degrees in late October. Crazy.

And it was a crazy amount of work even though this was supposed to be an "easy party". It was a solid two days of prep work and nothing short of 10 hours of non stop work yesterday.

When my brother asked me afterwards what I wanted to do for the holidays this year I had to laugh and tell him I don't really care. I am done. My goose is cooked. Once the playroom is moved to the basement and the crib is moved to the playroom and the Halloween costume is made I am DONE WORKING THIS HARD until after this baby is born!

I want to sit and sew while she grows herself fatter and think about things like what on earth we are going to call her. :-)

7 days 'til Halloween!


  1. Lots of cute ideas! Hope you can get the rest that you deserve.

  2. Great ideas. I've been looking forward to this post. I hope you're taking it easy today.

  3. Wow, your ideas are wonderful! I loved the whole set up. Makes me wish I was a kid again..:D


  4. Great party! So creative.
    Name the baby Ellen Grace. I told you I had a dream about her and that is what you named her.

  5. wow, that looked fun!! i LOVE the different "stations" very cool!

  6. Parties are always a lot of work aren't they (especially the kind that you throw!). I am sure that Jack will have such wonderful memories of these moments though. Now off for some cool lemonade or cider!

  7. that looks like so much fun! a good day, flower cake and all.

  8. Sarah, we're having a Halloween themed party for Sam this Saturday. Can I ask you two questions: What did you use to pin the nose on the pumpkin?

    Also, what kind of "dog bones"? Like Milkbone treats?

    I may steal these two ideas! Hoping to get our 20 pumpkins spray painted with chalkboard paint, so we can use chalk rather than paint to decorate the pumpkins.

    Doesn't help that I got the flu this week!


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